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Kieser is based on 30 years of scientific evidence

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    Kieser's Research & Development Department published its study results in the reputed “German Journal for Sports Medicine”, headlined ‘Effects of Machine-Based Strength Training in the Therapy of Chronic Back Pain’. A copy of the article in English can be downloaded following the link below.


Kieser is based on 30 years of scientific evidence

Kieser is proactive in research

“In a commercial company, the sole purpose of research is to maximise the benefit to customers.”

Werner Kieser, Founder of Kieser AG

Anyone who thinks that all you have to do is to access the results of established research is very much mistaken. In some areas, you just have to be proactive. This was why we set up our own R&D Department in 2002.

The Kieser concept is strictly geared to the findings of medical research and sports science. Our aim is to offer an efficient system of strength training that allows you to strengthen your musculoskeletal system and improve your health. By efficient, we mean training that is simple but effective.

The main remit of the Kieser R&D Department is as follows:

  • Plan, accompany and carry out studies
  • Make available empirical research methods
  • Administer and transfer scientific data and knowledge
  • Develop and monitor innovation of interest to the company, e.g. machines, methods, etc.
  • Check and compile scientific texts
  • Develop scientific/commercial cooperative networks 

Study results: Kieser works

In the most comprehensive study to date of strength training for health, Kieser was found to be highly effective.

How does strength training help reduce pain, increase performance and improve general health? These were the questions that Kieser sought to answer when it embarked in 2009 on the most comprehensive study to date of strength training for health. From a total of 49,000 applicants, it used a process of random selection to choose 531 participants between the ages of 18 and 87. The male and female participants trained for 6 months at Kieser under conditions that were the same as those used by all Kieser customers. Overall responsibility for the study rested with the Research Department of Kieser AG  with an independent scientific advisory board monitoring the study and results.

Our study showed:

  1. Strength training boosts energy levels

  2. Strength training protects against pain

  3. Strength training creates the basis for peak performances

  4. Strength training increases wellbeing

  5. Strength training helps achieve goals more quickly

  6. Kieser provides the best strength training

After 6 months, 91% of participants had already achieved their personal training goals. For most participants, the top priority was to increase overall strength and this they did: They increased strength levels by an average of 24% in 6 months and this was done in just one or two sessions per week, each of 30 minutes. The higher energy levels also boosted physical and mental wellbeing: After 6 months of Kieser, 83% felt generally more relaxed, 65% had increased output at work and 53 % found it easier to cope with stress.

In addition, the study confirmed that a strong back really does not experience pain. At the start of the study, 341 participants had some pain, in particular in the back and neck. After 6 months of Kieser, one in three had no pain whatsoever. If the participants had chronic pain, medical strengthening therapy proved particularly effective. These participants reduced by almost 50% the constraints previously imposed by the pain. Work became easier and they were able to take up recreational activities. They were able – frequently for the first time for a long time – to enjoy life.

Participants also reported high levels of satisfaction with Kieser itself: 61% of participants rated the training as “very good” and 37%  “good”:  In short: Kieser works.

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