Kieser Golf Assessment

How's Your Golf Swing?

For amateurs and professionals alike, core strength, flexibility and muscular control are integral to achieving your best possible score.  For single figure handi-cappers, this might mean an extra 10-20m in drive length.  For those of us with double figure handicaps, this might mean the endurance not to drop any shots in the last 5 holes.

Kieser offers a 60 minute golf assessment to help you analyse any deficiencies in your swing and improve your game.

The Kieser Golf Assessment includes:

  • Functional movement screening by a certified physiotherapist
  • Use of our Lumbar Extensor machine to test your core strength 
  • A written report that can be used by your coach to better understand areas for improvement in your golf swing. 

Benefits include: 

  • Improve core strength
  • Maximise joint and muscle range of motion to facilitate technique
  • Increase overall strength to increase club head speed
  • Increase postural stability for swing consistency
  • Enhance muscular endurance to minimise fatigue

*Private health insurance rebates may apply. Currently assessments cannot be booked at our Caulfield, Essendon or Sandringham centres.

Golf Program

  • Trainingsprogramm für den Rumpf F1

    F1: Obliques

  • Trainingsprogramm für den unteren Rücken F3

    F3: Lower Back

  • Trainingsprogramm für das Gesäss A3

    A3: Gluteals

  • Trainingsprogramm für die Oberschenkel innen A4

    A4: Adductors

  • Trainings Programme Unterarm H3

    H3: Wrist

  • Trainingsprogramm für die Schulter E5

    E4/E5: Rotator Cuff

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Training Programs

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