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Water Sports Program

Kieser is an elite level rehab and strength and conditioning centre with incredible equipment that can be used to improve the strength of any level surfer.  The Lumbar Extension (LE) is a computerised machine that measures your back strength and can target training to this crucial area of the core muscles. You can test your back strength on the LE and compare your results to people of the same age, weight and gender, to see how you compare against your population. This is really useful for surfers as we can target your weakness and train those muscles to restore your strength. It is a key component of rehabilitation post injury and can especially help older surfers get back on the board, or ideally stay on the board longer.

When we paddle, the main muscle group used are the lats, which give the power required to pull you through the water.  A strong trunk is fundamental in making sure that you can catch the last wave of the day as good as you could the first.  Common injuries related to water sports include:

  • Shoulders
  • Hips
  • Neck
  • Lower Back

The following machines are particularly effective at strengthening the muscles required for movement of these joints:

  • E4/E5 (Rotator Cuff of the Shoulder)
  • C1 (Lats)
  • A1 (Gluteals and Hamstrings)
  • G5 (Neck)
  • F3 (Lower Back)

Surfers who suffer from pain, or who have extended periods out of the water, become weak in the key muscle groups that are essential to surf and paddle. There is extensive research that has proven that pain inhibits the key stability muscles of joints, including the core muscles around the spine, which can prevent healing and can lead to ongoing problems if not rehabilitated correctly. In fact any muscle that goes more than a few weeks without use, even if not injured, begins to decondition and waste away, which will mean they are not operating at full capacity when you then return to your chosen sport or activity. Kieser has equipment which targets specific muscles to rehabilitate after injury, increase strength and maintain condition so that when you have the opportunity to go for the wave of the day, your body won't let you down.

Water Sports Program

  • Trainingsprogramm für die Hüfte A1

    A1: Hamstrings, Gluteals and Lower Back

  • Trainingsprogramm für den Rücken C1

    C1: Lats

  • Trainingsprogramm für die Schultern C5

    C5: Posterior Deltoids

  • Trainingsprogramm für die Schulter E5

    E4/E5: Rotator Cuff

  • Trainingsprogramm für den Nacken G5

    G5: Neck

  • Trainingsprogramm für den unteren Rücken F3

    F3: Lower Back

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