Assisted Training

Reach your goals faster with Assisted Training

Assisted Training

Assisted Training
The end goal for most of our clients is to improve their strength in order to reduce pain, improve performance or enhance their day to day life.  The key difference between training independently and assisted training is that your workout will be more focussed, efficient and accurate with the 1:1 guidance of an instructor.  In an assisted training session, an exercise scientist guides you through your program, setting up equipment and assessing form on the go to ensure you get the absolute most out of your training time.

Assisted training can be tailored to each person's individual goals.  Whether it be breaking through a strength plateau, preparing for a sporting event or fitting into a wedding dress, training sessions under the expert guidance of Kieser exercise science staff help you to achieve your goals sooner.  It's that simple.

Assisted Training:

  • Ensures training is safe
  • Helps you settle into independent training
  • Can be tailored to any training program
  • Guarantees results

High Intensity Training (HIT)

At Kieser, we pride ourselves on our efficient, effective training methodology.  Assisted training sessions can be designed with a goal of maximising your training time to reach your physical potential.  Our exercise scientists will work with you one on one delivering High Intensity Training (HIT) sessions, with the end result of you achieving the outcomes you want - faster.

During your introductory sessions you will be given a threshold (Target Time Under Load) for which you should reach muscle fatigue by. This is the biggest progress limiting factor when it comes to time efficient single set training. Our exercise scientists can guarantee this is achieved with every muscle, every exercise, every time you train.


  • Expedites results
  • Increases motivation
  • Ensures you reach fatigue (key factor in stimulus/response relationship) 

You can take part in assisted training as soon as you have joined.  Discounts are available for buying session packs. 

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