Strength Testing

Strength Testing

As part of your Kieser membership you will receive two strength tests per year to measure, evaluate and quantify your strength regularly.  The Kieser strength testing system is a comprehensive strength test using our tensiometer.  The results are then measured against the average population for your height and weight to deliver a detailed report on your strength.

When appropriate, each new member will be strength tested during his or her 3rd Introductory Session.  After 12 weeks of consistent training, we recommended you book in for another strength test to see the change in your strength.  This can also be used as a way to re-evaluate your program and see if your training is targeted and the right resistance is used.  With the use of regular strength testing, not only is the success of your training objective, but we can use the analysis to further customise your training plan. 



Strength Training

Training Programs

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