Training Benefits

Training Benefits

Health-oriented strength training improves the basic physical condition

The benefits of safe and supervised strength training are numerous and widely acknowledged. Kieser means strength training for health. Unlike most training facilities, where the focus is on form and socialisation, the focus at Kieser is on functional performance in all pursuits whether they be sport related or simply of daily living activities.

Reduces effect of gravity
Training increases strength and improves your strength to weight ratio. Remember that muscle strength is all that keeps you upright, gets you upstairs and supports you. Without muscle strength you would be unable to move, at least not without external help. 

Improves appearance
The condition and shape of your muscles are what determine your external appearance, including the way you move. Exercise improves muscle tone and with it your figure.

Improves flexibility
Machine-based strength training puts a load on your muscles in both in their extended and contracted states. It is, therefore, more effective at increasing mobility than traditional exercises. If we contract one muscle fully this in turn means that we extend its antagonist fully (for example, biceps/triceps).

Eliminates back pain
Weak back muscles are the cause of 80% of back problems. A strong back knows no pain. Recent research has shown that targeted strength training is one of the leading methods in the prevention and treatment of back problems.

Prevents osteoporosis
It is not just muscles and tendons that respond to resistance - bones also become stronger.

Speeds up recovery
Strength training stimulates anabolic processes and reduces recovery time considerably, such as after surgery.  Strength training has the ability to isolate individual muscle groups, this means that training can continue even if individual limbs are immobilised, for example, in plaster.

Improves protection against injury
Training increases the density and specific weight of a muscle and so improves defences in the event of an external impact.

Helps you lose weight more efficiently
During calorie restrictive dieting, the body has to draw on its own resources and you lose both fat and muscle.  If strength training is complemented with healthy eating, muscle is retained and fat is shed more quickly.

Improves posture
Poor posture is a result of an imbalance in inter-muscular tension. The stress and strains of daily life, physical labour and even the sports we play all have one-sided effect. Strength training corrects these imbalances.

Retain strength in old age
We cannot stop the passage of time but we can prevent increasing weakness. A prime cause of the degeneration of old age is loss of muscle and bone tissue and with it strength. We lose control over our body, which makes us anxious. The risk of fractures is also higher; strength training helps increase and maintain strength and so we retain control over our body.

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