Keep Your Forearms Strong with the H3 and H4 Machine

Illustration of using H3/H4 machines
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Machine of the Month - H3/H4

Keep Your Forearms Strong with the H3 and H4

The H3, or wrist pronation, strengthens the pronator muscles of the forearm while the H4, or wrist supination, strengthens the supinator muscles of the forearm as well as the biceps.

While the H3 and H4 may not be the most widely used machines at Kieser, they help to strengthen a crucial part of the body. Your wrists and forearms are used in almost every activity of daily life and weakness in this area can cause pain in the forearms as well as the elbows.

The exercises are especially helpful in golfers, tennis players or those with osteoarthrits.

Important Technique Points

  • Ensure that the lower arms are resting firmly on the outer edge of the lower arm pad

  • Keep your feet flat on the floor throughout the exercise

  • Ensure that your upper body is extended and inclined slightly forward

If you would like to add the H3 or H4 machines to your training program, be sure to talk to an Exercise Scientist.