I Kieser to be fit to fight

Client Name: Lisa
Centre: Fitzroy
Primary Exercise Physiologist: Tom Eldred

While recovering from cancer treatment, Lisa began her Kieser program to help her build strength and enable her to return to her active lifestyle. Here is her story:

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016 and subsequently underwent chemotherapy, radiotherapy, multiple operations including a double mastectomy and more recently, an autologous (using my own tissue) breast reconstruction. I have always enjoyed being active with an interest in running, cycling and tennis, so I continued exercising throughout these treatments, as often as possible.

Following recovery from my last operation in February 2019, I decided I was ready to invest time in specifically building strength in my core, upper and lower body and overall general fitness. I’m passionate about life and looking after my body so committing myself to a targeted weight training program was exactly what I needed. I was also mindful of the benefits of weight training on bone health. It was empowering to be able to take control again of my body and give it the best possible chance to ‘be fit to fight’ for whatever remains around the corner in terms of my cancer.

I spoke with my general practitioner who is an advocate of the Kieser model, and she referred me to see an Exercise Physiologist. I visited the Fitzroy Kieser clinic and was instantly impressed. Following a consult and fitness assessment, I knew I was in great care. The close oversight to ensure my technique was correct, the active follow up to check my ongoing response to the program, the milestone visits to see the positive changes and reviews to strategically customise the weight training program to meet my needs has been really motivating.

There is nothing in the fitness and gym landscape that can achieve so specifically what Kieser can achieve for their clients. I enjoy the support, expertise, friendliness, compassion and dedication provided by the whole Fitzroy team and they make my Kieser experience a meaningful and rewarding one. I love the fact that I can integrate my training program around my working week; the session is efficient and focused. There have been times when I have had to travel for work, and my Exercise Physiologist has provided me with exercises in lieu of accessing machines so that I can keep focused on sustaining a routine.

In the four months I have been attending Kieser, my overall strength has significantly improved and the weight I am lifting has increased dramatically. I have also noticed improvements in my endurance and tennis game! I am still having chemotherapy however since commencing the program, I have felt more energised, my sleeping has improved, I feel stronger, more agile and have become more aware of my diet.

Joining Kieser has enabled me to be the best version of myself and my goal is to keep up the weight training as part of my ‘new normal’ with my lifestyle. A cancer diagnosis should not stand in the way of exercising. The effects of being very active are rewarding; it enables me to still work, travel, immerse myself in positive experiences with family and friends, and of course, have a great laugh. I am a living example of that!"

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