I Kieser to Keep my Knees Strong

Client Name: Sharron Stokes
Centre: Pymble
Primary Exercise Physiologist: Hazel Ng

Sharron came to Kieser on recommendation from her GP due to weakness in her knees. When the pandemic hit, Sharron was worried she would lose her hard-earned progress and discovered ways to continue to train while in isolation. Here is her story:

"I think your problem is that you are ‘de-conditioned’.” These words remain in my head. Trying to process them, I began to think I should be decommissioned!

Dr Philip Lim wrote these words in a referral to Kieser. I had been visiting him as I was experiencing multiple pains in my chest which I believed originated from my back because my knees weren’t supporting me properly. Due to my netball and running in my youth, I have maltracking patellas in both knees and I had been unable to develop muscles in my legs to support and strengthen my knees.

Dr Lim, knowing I shared his lack of interest in going to the gym had discovered Kieser and suggested I give it a try. Kieser Pymble was nicely placed for me to visit on my way home from work. When I entered Kieser for the first time, I could sense that a positive journey was about to take place. The room was clean and fresh but most of all the staff were friendly, sensitive, honest, caring and professional. Dean greeted me warmly and treated me like I was already a valued client. I remained sceptical for some time, even though I felt stronger in my legs and torso.

After a while, my knees began to make less ‘snap, crackle, pop’ noises on B1 and Owen couldn’t believe that I was so surprised!

Success was realised when I had my strength test which revealed that after three months both my back and leg strength had increased 50%. Fortunately, my husband, Greg who experiences back and knee pain as well witnessed my tests and results. He was convinced enough to begin with Kieser too.

When the pandemic hit, I was really concerned that all the hard work I had been doing would set me back. However, through the 1:1 work and the online sessions with Hazel I continue to challenge myself with her guidance. She is always encouraging and is able to make changes to my sessions depending on how I am progressing.

Surgery is no longer an option for me and I proudly spread the word about the assistance I am receiving from Kieser. I still have more work to do but my pathway with Kieser is continuing and I am enjoying the journey to achieve more successful outcomes."

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