My Kieser Story, Karen Peace: to Manage My Osteoporosis Symptoms

Client Name: Karen Peace
Centre: Brighton
Primary Instructor: Rachel Figgis 

After a diagnosis of osteoporosis, Karen decided to give Kieser a try. Two years later, she has reduced her pain and her lumbar spine osteoporosis has been downgraded to osteopenia. Here is her story:

"In November 2015 I was playing ball in the backyard with my dog when I had a fall. I felt instant swelling and intense pain in my right wrist and shoulder. Gingerly, I managed to stand up and walk inside. After a restless nights sleep, I realised something was drastically wrong and a friend drove me to emergency at Cabrini, wherein they x-rayed me and discovered that I had broken my right shoulder and wrist (in three places). An orthopaedic surgeon was called the next day and I was operated on with a plate and multiple screws inserted in my wrist.

The hospital suggested I have a bone density scan as the bones in my wrist were very thin, which quite often is associated with age. After four months of intense physiotherapy following the operation, I had the bone density scan which showed that I had osteoporosis in my lumbar spine and osteopenia in the neck of my left femur. My GP then prescribed me Actonel, to be taken once a month, for the rest of my life and increased my daily vitamin intake.

I heard about a gym in Brighton that dealt with strengthening of muscles and bones and called Kieser. I made an appointment to go and have a chat with them. My Kieser team put together a personalised program for me to undertake, which included weight bearing and strengthening exercises.

A few months after commencing strength training I started to notice that there was a marked improvement in my lower back. My lower back had been causing me problems for a number of years prior to my fall. The improvement in my mobility now enabled me to continue my passion of gardening and to bend over without incurring pain in my lower back.

After two years of undertaking the Kieser program combined with the advice from my GP, I had my next bone density scan in March 2018.  The results from the scan were amazing, as the osteoporosis in the lumbar spine was now diagnosed to the lesser ‘osteopenia’ and the neck of the left femur had not worsened.

I feel that I have definitely achieved my desired results with Kieser.  

I am still undertaking the program at Kieser twice a week and in July, my Exercise Physiologist in conjunction with Rachel Figgis will be helping me to continue my program. I hope to maintain my improved results with the continuation of the Kieser program. My aim for the future is not to regress back to the level of osteoporosis that I had prior to starting the program. I would also like to maintain my level of fitness and strength that I had achieved and to continue to be pain free.

I would have no hesitation on recommending the Kieser program to anyone with similar medical issues.”

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