I Kieser to Keep Running

Client Name: Melinda Holt
Centre: Brighton
Primary Instructor: Jessica Falduto 

After four years of training at Kieser, Melinda decided to change up her program and discovered a new hobby. Here is her story:

“I joined Kieser over five years ago, initially to sort out the niggling back and neck pain I had since a trip overseas lugging suitcases on and off trains and sitting in planes. Good friends were already members and were getting great results increasing their strength and flexibility. When Kieser opened in Brighton it was time to get with the program and join up! Regular sessions started showing results after a few months and I was feeling stronger, had no pain and more stamina when walking distances. I enjoyed the quiet atmosphere, fabulous staff and the fact it didn’t take very long to do a session. In addition, I was re-connecting with locals and old school friends I hadn’t seen in years.

About a year ago, I felt I wasn’t getting as much out of my sessions as I was when I first joined and was getting a bit lazy. So I decided to throw things up in the air a bit by re-addressing my fitness activities and goals.  I felt I needed a change but rather than stop going to Kieser I decided to have a thorough look at my program and reset my goals. I began working with Jessica Falduto in Brighton and she showed me different ways to increase the intensity of my workout without adding too much extra weight, adding too many more machines or losing the technique. We worked on my program over a few months, tweaking it each time to get it right. I also started doing a workout program at home to increase my cardio and lose that annoying few kilos that kept hanging around.

Part of the cardio was running short distances which got me interested in running. Having never run before I thought I should start properly with a check up and assessment to look at my current running style and correct any faults early. Kieser was also able to help with this too.

Rob Osborne from the Caulfield centre became my running coach, putting me through my paces on the treadmill, videoing my style, attaching electrodes and giving me exercises to correct my posture. Rob also provided a program that enabled a slow build up from running 30 secs at a time to 30 mins. My aim was to be able to run 5km. Rob also checked the wear and tear on my runners each visit. Over the past 12 months I have seen Rob regularly, changed my diet to low carb and worked on my new regime. I started seeing results fast.

Jessica and I then did a few Body Metrix sessions to look at changes in body fat and measure muscle density. I started getting interested in the science of exercise as I saw the inches come off, lost those kilos and toned up a lot. Kieser provided all the elements I needed to get to where I am now, running over 5km twice a week, feeling much stronger and entering the next stage of my life feeling healthy and positive. It has really been worth taking the extra time to utilise what Kieser has to offer. I am very impressed with all the staff I have had contact with who are highly knowledgeable, friendly and really seem to enjoy their job and their client’s journey.

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