I Kieser to Keep Wakeboarding

Client Name: Jeremy Fry
Centre: Brighton
Primary Exercise Scientist: Shannon Russo

After years of high impact sports with little strength & conditioning, Jeremy began to struggle with back pain. He came to Kieser to build strength to allow him to keep doing his favourite activities. Here is his story:

“I am 37 years old and have suffered from lower back pain for the last 4-5 years. I have done a lot of high impact sports over the years and never conditioned myself for it. Sports like wakeboarding, snowboarding and dirt bike riding. Unfortunately, my back took most of the strain as I never built up the proper strength to allow me to do these activities.

Wakeboarding is my real passion and I try to get on the water as often as I can. I even had a membership at the Melbourne Cable Park and was riding once a week. So when the pain really set in I was facing retirement from all the things I loved to do. I was devastated.

I had constant pain in the lower right-hand side but the flair ups were the worst! If I did any of these sports I would have intense pain usually lasting for a week where the slightest movement in the wrong direction could drop me to my knees. I knew I couldn’t take this lying down and set out to fix my bad back.

I joined my local gym and engaged a PT who specialised in bad backs (so he said). I was evaluated and a training program was set out for me. It involved all leg and core work. The idea to strengthen all the supporting muscles around my back was good but it didn’t work. No matter how many squats or lunges I did, I never got rid of the pain. My PT left the gym so I got another and then another. It didn’t matter how many PTs I saw, I was not getting better.

At this point the thought of surgery was floating around in my mind. I felt I had no other options until I was having dinner at our neighbours house and she told me about Kieser. She told me about her experience and raved about the results. I thought I might as well give Kieser a go before I seriously contemplate going under the knife.

I visited my local Kieser and was greeted by the extremely friendly staff. They gave me a thorough run though of the training and how it all worked. The staff are amazing and walked me though every step making sure I was comfortable to use all the equipment on my own.

The results have been far better than I expected! It didn’t happen over night but they did happen quicker than I thought. I had only been at Kieser for six months before I was basically pain free. I’m now back doing all the things I love without any flare ups. In one week over the recent school holidays I went to the indoor trampoline park twice with the kids, wakeboarding and a bike ride all without pain. I have always struggled with motivation to go to the gym, but I really enjoy going to Kieser. The staff always take the time to have a friendly chat and check in on your progress. I have recommended Kieser to everyone I know and have even got my wife to sign up."


P.S. - The day after I wrote this I tweaked my back at work. Wow! I was in a lot of pain for a while. My lower back just went out when I stood up after carrying something heavy. I thought that I would be in trouble for a couple of weeks but due to the strength I had gained from training at Kieser I recovered really quick and was back in the gym two days later.

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