I Kieser to Keep Walking

Client Name: Jennifer Woodley
Centre: Sandringham
Primary Exercise Scientist: Klara Vickov

Jennifer was in pain and struggling to walk when she started at Kieser Sandringham. With a combination of in-clinic training and tele-training she is walking stronger and starting to return to her regular routine. Here is her story:

"Apart from pain and muscle weakness, it was my ugly gimpy walk that saw me limp painfully to the doors of Kieser Sandringham in December 2019. I’ll admit that being referred to Kieser by a younger business peer made me realise it wasn’t just for “oldies” and that I was in fact, well, getting older.

I was greeted by the ever humble Balu who booked me in for an assessment in one hours time and sent me off to the nearest cafe with a lunch voucher, the appropriate form to fill in and orders to relax and enjoy the meal!

My journey to the doors of Kieser came about due to deterioration of my physical fitness because of an infected toe in the bitter middle of winter 2019. Because I am on a particular type of medication for psoriatic arthritis, which is an autoimmune disease, my immune system is compromised so I get infections easily and take triple the time of healthier folks to heal.

I was unable to enter a pool to do my usual 1km swim three times per week or the odd fairly light gym workout for many months. The muscle deterioration over 8 weeks of almost total immobility led to immense pain in my hip. Eventually I found out I have labral tear in the right hip. I was having dry needling twice a week just to be able to get to work and limp around the apartment complex I sell in for four hours a day. My wonderful assistant Donna saved me for months on end by conducting numerous inspections with my clients on my behalf while I stayed in our office in the warm.

My twice weekly rehab exercises were just not improving my status and I was lame and miserable, often taking sleeping tablets to get at least some sleep around the pain at night.

I’m so grateful that I settled into Kieser sessions easily and managed to work my way to the level of independent training by early 2020 and achieve my goal of being able
to walk the 300m to our local beach relatively comfortably so I could enjoy summer swims.

Cue the dreadful COVID-19 crisis and first lock-down in mid March, a new challenge which I took on with the help of weekly zoom training sessions. I’ll admit to being skeptical at first, however they were a saviour on so many levels. To my delight these sessions helped me continue to improve my mobility and reduce pain and discomfort.

The terror of deteriorating back to the state I was in in December 2019 and the support of my Kieser team led me to be in an amazing position to resume in-clinic training recently. I cannot stress enough the importance of the remote telehealth initiative and the physical and mental health benefits that provided.

Before our recent second lockdown I returned to work for five weeks and achieved the goal of conducting all my inspection appointments myself, often walking almost non-stop for up to five hours a day around our three- building complex.

My future goal is to be back to swim fit with sea laps in mind as we come out of lock-down and into spring in September as well as being able to shift much larger weights at in-house training and see more definition return to my legs in particular.”

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