My Kieser Story, Anna Rosemeyer: Manage my Muscular Dystrophy Symptoms

Client Name: Anna Rosemeyer
Centre: Camberwell

After being diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, Anna’s pain began to have a serious effect on her daily life. After three months at Kieser, her pain is reduced and she has regained the ability to do a number of activities. Here is her story:

“I was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy (MD) in my early 40’s. Until that time, the main symptom which affected my daily life was my inability to raise my arms about shoulder height & a protruding winged scapular that was quite noticeable. With MD, the condition declines then plateaus, then declines before plateauing again. In my late 40’s, another decline was due. This time, an atrophying left leg and issues with my back/ right hip/ leg pain presented, and was particularly painful when I sat for longer than one hour. This posed an inconvenience when I drove the car for long distances or sat in meetings at work for longer than one hour.

I started to see a highly renowned practitioner who specialised in backs – about 4 visits every 4 months or so. I would practice exercises at home during visits but eventually the issue with the back and leg returned. I exercise every day and swim periodically and movement is very beneficial for pain management and movement. However, I felt like I could not keep up with the decline in my physical movement. This was brought home to me when I struggled to run for the pedestrian crossing one day. I used to be a strong sprinter and felt very disheartened when I could no longer run even a few steps. Was it age or my muscular dystrophy at play?

I found a new practitioner who reported that a number of her patients had experienced great success with Kieser. She recommended that I try it. On my first appointment at Kieser Camberwell, I had a detailed assessment of my condition and symptoms and had a program designed for me. At the start, I was not conscious of any gradual change. Instead, after three months when I drove in the car for two hours, I suddenly realised I did not have any leg pain.

Funny how you forget about a condition or annoyance once it has gone! I then wondered how I would go if I ran for the traffic lights? I tried it and to my complete joy – no pain!

Now I have not taken up running but out of sheer delight, occasionally I will run a few hundred metres, just for the joy of being able to do so. We don’t appreciate what we have until it is gone. Now that I have lost the pain in my leg and regained my ability to run short distances, I am truly grateful for the incredible results that Kieser has produced.

My protruding shoulder has also settled down and is less obvious and I am holding my posture much better now. The strength in my muscles has substantially increased too – for 10 years at the gym, the resistance on the cross trainer was set at 7 and after 12 weeks at Kieser I increased this immediately to 12. The same applied to the seated bike. I feel so much stronger when I walk – it’s like dropping years off my life to feel this strong again.

I am delighted to report that my daughter, who also has the same condition and an atrophying leg, has experienced the benefits of Kieser, too. After just six sessions, we have noticed the muscle building in her leg. My father and a girlfriend commented that my daughter is no longer twisting her body as she walks and today, she reported that after climbing four steps, her leg felt as strong as it used to before the weakness presented in her leg. I have recommended Kieser to a girlfriend who had back pain and she has noticed results too after a couple of sessions. I cannot speak highly enough about the benefits of Kieser.”

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