I Kieser to Manage my Osteoporosis

Client Name: Sue Matthews
Centre: Brighton
Primary Exercise Physiologist: Ben Milner

After she was diagnosed with Osteoporosis, Sue wanted to explore her options to manage her condition without medication. She also completed Assisted Training in order to prepare for a cycling trip of a lifetime. Here is her story:  

“I have two very close friends who had been attending Kieser for a couple of years and were quietly but regularly suggesting that I should consider joining as they had definitely experienced good results in their overall strength and movement. 

After breaking my wrist in a spectacularly failed jump off the top deck of a boat in the Galapagos Islands, my surgeon suggested that I should have a bone density scan. The results showed that I did in fact have Osteoporosis. 

Wanting to explore alternatives to traditional medication for this condition, my doctor and I agreed that we would review again in 18 months, and that I would work on dealing with my condition in my own way. 

Firstly, I visited an experienced naturopath to establish the best form of calcium supplement to take. Secondly, I joined Kieser. I had initial consultations with Jess, an Exercise Physiologist, who asked many questions to determine a safe and effective routine to improve and strengthen my body. And off I went!

I have aimed to attend Kieser three times a week and the results have been surprising on many levels. Most importantly, two years on, I have had my follow up bone density scan and I no longer fall into the Osteoporosis range! This is a fantastic result that I am happy to share, as it is proof that this condition can be improved and that medication may be avoided. 

Kieser has improved my strength and confidence to the point that I can safely get on with enjoying an active, pain-free life. 

Last year I had the opportunity to go on a cycling trip through Burgundy, France, with my husband and my two Kieser-loving friends. 

So, two challenges presented. Firstly, increasing my fitness in order to manage all those hills and secondly... I hadn’t ridden a bike in many years. 

I borrowed a somewhat rickety bike and got started. This helped me to gain confidence again but I realised I needed a lot more help. I signed up to do some Assisted Training sessions with Tas, a keen cyclist and a hard task master when it comes to weight training!  It wasn’t easy, but I enjoyed the feeling of my strength and fitness improving week by week. Consequently I had the most enjoyable and safe ride through a very beautiful part of the world. 

Thanks to Jess, Tas and all the wonderful staff at Kieser Brighton. I would without question recommend Kieser to anyone!”

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