I Kieser to Stay Strong & Prevent Surgery

Client Name: George Butman
Centre: Caulfield
Primary Exercise Physiologist: Stephen Harvey

George came to Kieser to help reduce his foot and lower back pain. His Exercise Physiologist has helped him to prevent foot surgery and also improve his cardiovascular fitness. Here is his story:


“Prior to coming to Kieser I felt like I was losing strength. I had persistent pain in my left foot that had been a problem for 18 months. I had several MRIs and wore a moon-boot to heal a stress fracture. The pain persisted so I was referred to an orthopaedic surgeon who diagnosed arthritis and said it would deteriorate and get more painful over time. At that point surgery could relieve the pain but it would take three months to recover. I also felt back stiffness when I got up from a chair. I experienced lower back pain around six times a year that generally took a week to go away. My annual blood test also indicated borderline diabetes and my GP thought my blood pressure was high enough to consider prescribing tablets to lower it.

I had been looking for a gym to do some form of strength exercises that didn’t exacerbate my foot or back. A friend recommended Kieser to me so I gave it a go. When I first started, my Kieser team assessed my lower back strength and over a period of several weeks introduced me to the Kieser machines. Since I had an arthritis issue, they insisted that I have a bone density scan before prescribing my ongoing Kieser exercise regime. When I told them about possible diabetes and blood pressure issues, I was introduced to my Exercise Physiologist, Steve.

Steve tested my cardiovascular health and recommended a robust treatment plan that included a home exercise program.

Steve’s sessions are demanding. He pushes me but monitors my responses and sometimes asks me to reduce my effort while I recover. He tested my cardiovascular system so I can see that my effort is translating to improvements. The Kieser Exercise Scientists also monitor my progress on the machines. Through regular strength tests and observing and improving my technique, they help me to persist with the machines on which I am making progress.

Since coming to Kieser, I have had almost no foot pain and I have noticed a change in my body shape, partly due to losing weight and partly due to converting fat to muscle. My blood pressure is lower and is now in the normal range. I never thought I would look forward to regular demanding exercise, especially at 6am! I feel that I can do something to reduce some of the undesirable effects of ageing and friends and relatives are impressed with the change to my physique and my commitment to my health.

I can now walk for longer periods without pain and am therefore more confident about traveling overseas. I have more flexibility and can bend down further and come closer to touching my toes.

Kieser has made a big improvement to my everyday life. I have increased my pace and the distance I can walk. I feel fit and strong enough to travel and felt confident traveling to Vietnam recently. Kieser has helped me to prevent having foot surgery and reduced my lower back stiffness and incidence and duration of lower back pain.

In the future, I hope to show more improvements in my strength and cardio health testing and am confident I can get there with Kieser."

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