Kieser Fitness Training for Australian Border Force

Client Name: Paul
Centre: Essendon
Primary Instructor: Matt Clark

Paul joined Kieser Essendon a few months ago in order to train for an upcoming fitness test with the Australian Border Force. He worked hard on his fitness goals with his Kieser fitness instructor at Essendon in order to pass the stringent test. Here is his story:

“After several attempts, I was finally accepted into the Australian Border Force (ABF) in my mid 50s, but still needed to pass a stringent fitness assessment to be operationally ready for duty as an Officer.  

A core part of the assessment was to demonstrate upper body strength through a series of regulation push ups which I quickly found to be significantly more challenging than I remember them being when I was in my 20s. I also had the added complication of chronic wrist pain which I needed to work through.

I initially joined a group fitness program but despite being well intended I quickly found it to be less than suitable to match my specific short term fitness goals. I then contacted a health professional who recommended I engage a degree-qualified personal trainer for some ‘one on one’ targeted training. I quickly learned that there are a great many people and organisations offering this type of service but where do you start?  

I then found out about Kieser through my network. Kieser’s targeted approach to training seemed a good fit for me and my goals. I made contact with Matt at Kieser Essendon and embarked on a 14-week high intensity assisted training program tailored made for my upcoming fitness assessment. When I commenced the training program I couldn’t do a push up to save my life, but by the end I was performing twice the required amount of push ups to pass the assessment.

In summary, the results didn’t come without a lot of hard work, but I’m not sure I would have achieved it in such a short time without the dedicated and professional assistance of my entire team at Kieser.

I am eternally grateful to them and would recommend Kieser without hesitation to anyone looking to achieve specific targeted goals in a professional and supportive environment.”

If you're like Paul and need to reclaim your bodies fitness and mobility then the professional physiotherapists at Kieser are ready to get your started - see what's involved! You'll love the Kieser Training method and our unique fitness machines.

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