Kieser is open for 1:1 sessions

It’s been 37 days since the beginning of the shutdown and we wanted to share two important messages with all of our members. 
Firstly: Kieser is open for 1:1 sessions, call or email your local Kieser centre to book today
As an Allied Health business, we have been able to continue to offer our 1:1 services for the past six weeks. This means that today you can come into Kieser for:

  • Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology sessions
  • 1:1 Exercise Science sessions. This is an opportunity to continue your Kieser program in a 1:1 format with one of our Exercise Science team. All social distancing and hygiene protocols are strictly adhered to during your session. 

It is important that we get this message out to our clients – We have had multiple people come back to our centre this week commenting, “If I knew you were open, I would have come back earlier”.

If you are unable to come into a centre during this time, we are offering TeleHealth Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Assisted Training and group exercise classes online. Click here for more information on any of these options. 
Secondly: A little bit of training goes a long way. Did you know that 20% of your normal training can help you maintain 50% of the benefits*?

A small amount of training will go a long way to helping you retain the health benefits you have accumulated training hard at Kieser. Just one session per week will help you maintain those hard earned gains in strength, pain reduction, bone density and insulin sensitivity.
If you have any questions, we would love to help, so feel free to contact your local Kieser centre. 
Stay strong, come out stronger,

- Your Kieser Team

*Source: Garcia Pallares et al (2009) Post-Season Detraining Effects on Physiological and Performance Parameters in Top-Level Kayakers: Comparison of Two Recovery Strategies. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine

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