My Kieser Story, Brendan Chapman: to Keep My Back Strong

Client Name: Brendan Chapman
Centre: Essendon
Primary Instructor: Matthew Clark

After a disc injury in 1985, Brendan suffered back pain for many years. After more than eight months at Kieser, his back pain has reduced and he is feeling better than he has in over 30 years. Here is his story:

“I injured my L5 S1 disc in 1985 in a workplace accident which caused constant pain day and night for thirty three years. At first I experienced acute pain in my lower back and hip with sensations extending down into my hamstrings and tingling sensations in my foot. Initially I took Di- Gesic pain killers for a month or two before deciding to just put up with the pain. I attended numerous doctors appointments who took scans and xrays detailing my protruding disc. I saw a number of health professionals to try to reduce my pain but all to no avail. After five years of talking to doctors I just learned to live with the pain.

Due to the pain I would sleep on the floor flat on my back. It hurt to sit down too long and it hurt to stand up too long. I wore a back brace with two metal bars supporting my lower back. Over the years the pain had changed into a dull constant ache in my lower back and hip. Fortunately the referral pain into my leg had dissipated.

A friend of mine recently suggested that I enrol into a stem cell research program for back injuries. Reluctantly I put my name forward and had a new series of scans taken. I attended the Metro Pain Clinic under the supervision of Dr Dan Bates. After an examination it was concluded that since the injury occurred some thirty years previously I was not a suitable candidate for the study. The doctor suggested that a supervised exercise program could be of benefit to me and thus the Kieser seed was sown.

After a month or so I had the gumption to contact Kieser and very sheepishly spoke to a Kieser team member. I had my first few sessions and with great trepidation I began the program. I was the last person who would have entered a gym.

After the first week of supervised sessions the referral pain came back into my hamstring and calves. I was extremely concerned and would have given up at that point without the encouragement and support of all of the staff at Kieser Essendon. For the first few weeks I was wearing sandals since I hadn’t had a pair of runners for thirty five years!

By the second week I stopped taking anti-inflammatories and noticed my body becoming sore from the exercise in a different manner to what I had endured for so many years. My body was feeling like it had worked properly the first time in thirty years. In a few weeks it was a very strange and surreal feeling to leave the gym feeling a foot taller with a growing strength and confidence in my body.

One day I was walking down the street and I stopped and realised I was in no pain at all. It’s a great feeling and I am so thankful to Kieser for helping to get my back stronger than ever.”

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