My Kieser Story, Cyril Nathan: to Keep My Knees Strong

Client Name: Cyril Nathan
Centre: Caulfield
Primary Instructor: Kate Terrell

Caulfield member, Cyril Nathan, came to Kieser almost three years ago to help relieve his chronic knee pain - his 'kneemonia' as he calls it - as well as other aches and pains. Here is his story: 

"For me it all started when a colleague recommended that I try Kieser due to pain in both my knees which were damaged playing Rugby Union (the game they play in Heaven) for over 22 years.

I’m 70 and have undergone nine different knee procedures over the past 52 years. The knee surgery included reconstruction, removal of both patellas, piece of hip bone grafted below my left knee with scopes and scrapes, cortisone injections into both knee joints every 6-8 weeks for a number of years. Not to mention having purchased more than enough protective strapping, knee guards in all shapes and sizes, pain medication, glucosamine, oils & vitamins and hot & cold packs – more than enough to sink a ship!

Added to the above, I also underwent shoulder reconstruction and neck fusion. The game they play in heaven can be hell on earth sometimes. Still, I love the game and the fellowship it brought me. I must mention that over the years I had attended a number of gyms, however it was all about reps and exercise associated for an able-bodied person. I went with the flow hoping for some miracle.

In 2004 I was advised I needed Full Knee Replacement but the damage from all procedures to my left knee was of great concern at that time. Although knee replacement technology was improving, I was still advised to wait. Then again in 2011 replacement surgery was recommended as a solution but I was told to hang in a while longer if I could. Unfortunately, my pain was getting worse and sleeping was becoming a problem. I needed stronger pain killers more often to reduce the burning pain associated with severe osteoarthritis. I knew I needed a change, so I decided to get started at Kieser. 

The first thing that I noticed on arriving at Kieser Caulfield was that it was not a gym. It is a very well run & well-equipped centre with knowledgeable professional staff all working in tandem and using a holistic approach best suited to my individual requirements.

The teamwork helped me manage and develop my goals, ensuring that I trained within my capabilities. The good news was that after a few months I only needed to strap and support my left knee and take anti-inflammatories to manage the pain. This outcome helped me decide that I should commence with Assisted Training sessions. Kate took up that challenge and we set goals that would further help me strengthen my legs, back, neck and core to get physically strong and mentally ready to have the full knee replacement / prosthesis surgery. The Assisted Training also ensured that I used correct techniques when training solo. 

The preparation of my training schedule was well planned and orchestrated by the team. The support provided by Kieser continued up to the week before the surgery.

Post-surgery I was back home within three days (instead of the expected 5). I was able to walk a lot sooner & go further than I originally thought. I was on the stationary bike within 10 days and was able to manage the six-weeks home rehab with ease. I was back at work at the end of the 3rd week post op.

There was pain involved, however a lot less than expected. The opioids supplied by the hospital remains sealed in their original packaging. The specialist cannot believe my range & recovery.

I am happy to be starting Kieser again next week and look forward to my revised Assisted Training schedule, as the next step is getting prepared for having the right knee prosthesis next year. Thanks to my friends at Kieser who helped me along the way - their dedication is greatly appreciated!"

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