My Kieser Story, Greg Hardisty: Keeping My Muscle Spasms at Bay

Client Name: Greg Hardisty
Centre: Malvern
Primary Instructor: Oliver Stedman 

After years of back pain and spasms, Greg decided to give Kieser a try. Six years later, he is still training and has completed some of the most iconic walks in the world. Here is his story:

“They say you don’t remember pain. Child birth pain for example, not that I will ever know what that feels like. Nevertheless, I have had numerous experiences of back pain that are seared into my memory. On one occasion, an early morning answer to the call of nature found me on all fours on my bathroom floor. I managed to crawl back to my bedroom but could go no further. The slightest movement of any muscle in any direction set off excruciating muscle spasms in my lower back. Eventually, after what seemed like hours in that position, my son returned from night clubbing and managed to help me back into bed.

On another occasion, I emerged from a crowded train at Flinders Street station, only to have my back go into spasms which caused me to drop my backpack and stagger to a stanchion for support. I tried desperately to rub some heat into my lower back to get myself moving again but to no avail. After about half an hour, I attracted the attention of a station attendant who shouldered my backpack and assisted me up an escalator so I could catch a train home. I remember not being able to stand or sit on the train without agonising spasms wracking my body.

As I grew older, the frequency of lower back episodes was increasing as well as the duration of the recovery period, usually about six weeks. My chiropractor could get my spine back into alignment but the muscles had become too weak to hold it in position.

I could see my future following the same path as that of a family friend who spent a large part of the last ten years of his life bedridden with back pain. Finally, after making a New Year’s resolution, I was determined to do more to help myself. I started doing Pilates and, while that was helpful, the intensity of the exercises never seemed enough and I barely raised a sweat. Then, an advertisement in the local newspaper for Kieser caught my eye. It sounded interesting so I booked myself in for an appointment.

Six and a half years later, I have never looked back. At the very first
appointment I knew straight away that I’d found something that could work for me. Measurement of my back muscle strength six weeks into my treatment already showed a huge improvement. Ever since, I’ve been a regular attendee. Sure, I had a couple of relapses in the first two years. After returning from holidays, my muscle strength had diminished enough for my spine to go out of alignment again. The difference was that instead of a six week recovery, I was back on my feet within a couple of days and doing Kieser again within two weeks.

Now, muscle spasms are a distant memory and it’s exceedingly easy for me to find the motivation to do two training sessions a week. At the age of 65, I’m completely free of back pain and I’m able to get out of bed in the morning with absolutely no stiffness. This new freedom has allowed me to complete some of the most iconic walks in the world: The Overland Track, The Larapinta Trail, The Coast to Coast and the Mont Blanc Circuit. No more back pain for me thanks to Kieser!"

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