My Kieser Story, Michael Carew: to Keep Feeling Young

Client Name: Michael Carew
Centre: Mont Albert

After years of back pain, Michael joined Kieser to build strength to go on an adventure of a lifetime. Here is his story:

"At 63 I completed the longest dual crossing of Bass Strait by jet ski and could not have and would not have attempted this without the support of the team at Kieser Mont Albert.

When I was a young plumber I did a lot of damage to my back from lifting and digging in ways I shouldn’t have. I got out of plumbing and have been behind a desk for the last 10 years. However, by 61 the pain in my lower back had transformed into daily attacks that felt like a hot poker being driven into my spine which often caused me to freeze on the spot and buckle over. I thought that since I am in my 60s that this was just what I had to look forward to as part of getting older.

About one and a half years ago a group of friends and I decided to take up sailing Hobie Kayaks (plastic sit-on kayaks with sails and outriggers) and go on some adventures. After the first few hours in the kayak my back was shot and I needed help to get off. I decided it was time to see my doctor or submit to old age. My local doctor recommended Kieser in Mont Albert. During my first sessions the staff were great and they explained in easy terms what they were going to do and the uniqueness of the equipment.

After six months of training I was able to do 10 hour days on the kayak and 12 months ago we made the first attempt across Bass Strait. The strait lived up to its name and one of the kayaks broke and the attempt was called off. Feeling like the adventure was over I gave away Kieser as I felt great and kayaking was basically off the agenda.

10 months ago one of the group purchased a jet ski and next thing we knew we all had skis and crossing Bass Strait on jet ski was the new adventure! I had been back at the desk the past 12 months and jet skiing presented a new set of painful outcomes. The compression of the spine with every wave I hit meant I was in a lot of pain even after 30 minutes on the ski. I tried back support belts, pain killers and anti inflammatory to help with the pain.

There was only one answer to get my back in shape which was to head back to Kieser. There was now only six weeks before we planned to attempt the longest double crossing of Bass Strait by jet ski. A staff member at Kieser asked me my goal and I filled him in and he raised his eyebrows ever so slightly but he went straight to work setting up a strength building routine for my back, legs, core and shoulders.

Six weeks later we set off and there is no possible way I would have been able to complete this adventure of a lifetime without the great team from Kieser. I have joined up again and have set a new bigger goal for next year. In summary I feel that I’ve turned back the clock 10 years and rather than submitting to the thought that I’m just getting old, it’s now about how much longer I can stay this young.”

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