My Kieser Story, Roger McCarthy: To Keep Golfing

My Kieser Story: Roger McCarthy
Centre: Pymble
Primary Exercise Scientist: Melinda Martin

Roger struggled with back and leg pain for nearly 20 years, which seriously affected his golf game. After six months at Kieser, Roger is golfing stronger than ever. Here is his story:

“Pain-free" - Until I met Kieser, this phrase was not used in our house. I’m 72 years old and for the past 20 years I have had recurring back and leg pain mainly to my right side. I have had to have physio or chiropractic treatment alternatively almost every month in that time.

In addition, with age came a general loss of muscle strength. The decision to do something about it was a slow process, which I am sure you all know called “getting around to it “.

I play golf twice a week and last year played every round in some pain, ranging from mild to chronic, with the recovery afterwards sometimes taking more than 12 to 24 hours.

In fact over the years there were many golf cancellations due to a “bad back”. My family (one daughter in particular) was pressuring me to act, however I dislike gyms with music, noise, running, etc. but I knew I needed to strengthen my core if I was going to help my spine alignment and reduce the back pain.

My golf club, Pymble Golf Club, holds a Melbourne Cup Auction every year with items donated from members and local businesses. Last year I noticed an item donated called “Kieser – Core Strength program“. I took note of the name and in December 2018 contacted them and started a program at Kieser Pymble in January 2019.

The first impression was the clean, quiet layout of the premises and equipment. The initial training sessions were carried out with care and professionalism that gave me the confidence to keep coming back (which pleased my family).

The first thing I noticed after commencing my training at Kieser was a feeling of better stability in my legs and some muscle definition in various places.

After three months on a simple program of 10 machines, twice a week, I noticed that the back and leg pain, especially during golf, were diminishing as well as the recovery after.

Then in May I became pain-free for the first time during and after golf and have remained so since. As a consequence, I won our “B-grade” competition and my handicap has come down!

Thanks Kieser!”

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