My Kieser Story, Trevor Nathan: to Keep Hiking

Client Name: Trevor Nathan
Centre: Collins Street - CBD
Primary Instructor: James Weir

With his lower back pain getting progressively worse as he was nearing the trip of a lifetime with his son, Trevor came to Kieser to help him build strength & confidence. Here is his story:


“I’ve been a keen runner for much of my adult life and managed to tick off some ‘bucket list” events a few years ago. First a couple of half-marathons and then the full 42k a few years ago.

Since then, regular injury has meant that I’ve stuck to shorter runs and in an effort to avoid pounding the pavement I’ve tried to run off-road as much as possible.

I’ve always been a keen bushwalker too, a love that is shared with my 13 year old son. So we decided to do a ‘trip of a lifetime” to hike some of the natural wonders in the US: Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon and Zion National Park. After many months of planning and anticipation our departure date was fast approaching.

Then, about two months before we were due to leave, I pulled up with lower back pain after a trail run. This got progressively worse over the next few days to the point where I could barely walk - let alone contemplate carrying a 20kg backpack into the depths of the Grand Canyon.

I tried painkillers and anti-inflammatories which helped with the acute pain but my progress was slow and I started thinking seriously about how I might need to cancel our trip. And then I remembered that a few years ago I had successfully recovered from an injury with the help of Kieser.

With the help of the terrific team at Kieser Collins we developed a plan of treatment and exercise. But more than that, I really needed to believe that I could be strong again.

I went from considering cancelling a dream holiday - and potentially giving up running altogether - to a state of mind where I felt strong and confident. And this was due, in large part, to the encouragement and belief the team had in me.

I started some training walks with a backpack, gradually increasing the weight each time. About two weeks before we were due to leave I conquered the “1,000 steps” with 15kg on my back and with ease. I knew I could go!

The trip itself was wonderful, the scenery beautiful and the people very friendly. The Grand Canyon walk was much harder than I expected. It was hot, 35 degree hot, no shelter at all, no water, and very very steep. Climbing back out after three days hiking I was very proud of myself and very grateful to Kieser for the help I’d received in overcoming a real challenge.”

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