My Kieser Story, Vin Jenkins: Keep Golfing

Client Name: Vin Jenkins
Centre: Brighton
Primary Exercise Scientist: Steffan Cavalera

Vin has been training at Kieser for over six years in order to keep playing the game he loves. Here is his story: 

“I have been playing golf on average twice weekly for the past 20 years. About seven years ago I saw an article in a golf magazine extolling the virtues of strength training, and Kieser in particular.

I joined Kieser at Brighton when it opened in January 2013, and have been training there twice a week ever since. The benefits were soon revealed. I certainly felt stronger and fitter. The gain in my strength is always confirmed whenever I take a holiday break and return to find that it’s necessary to dial back the weights and build up again slowly.

In addition to my all-round Kieser program, I use particular machines to strengthen those parts of my body that are put under pressure from the golf swing. I found that I really had no choice but to strengthen my core and the muscles around my hips if I wanted to avoid the nagging little injuries that I was incurring on an all-too-frequent basis. My hard work has paid off as I have been free of injury for the past two years.

I know how important it is to maintain muscle tone and bone density as I age. I supplement my Kieser training with a set of exercises and stretches at my home gym to try to stay as flexible as possible. What’s more, I train on an exercise bike for aerobic fitness. I have to say that my overall training program has paid off handsomely. And I intend to keep it up for as long as I possibly can. I am as fit as I’ve ever been. And, on a daily basis, I feel more alive and energetic.

The PS to my story is that I’m delighted to report that my golf has never been better!"

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