Strength for Snow Sports

There is one good thing about the weather getting colder - June is the official start of the snow season in Australia!

It’s a fact that as we get older we lose muscle mass and strength. In the context of snow sports this leads to earlier fatigue, a higher risk of injury, slower recovery times and the inevitable third day burn-out.

Just as it’s important to keep your equipment sharp and ready for the slopes, keeping the body in tune is vital and in doing so will pay substantial dividends allowing you to keep skiing for longer whilst the rest of the field return to rest their weary bodies.

At Kieser our team of Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists and Exercise Scientists will not only help to reduce these aches, pains or injuries you might have been unfortunate enough to sustain, but our snow sports specific strength and conditioning programs can help to improve your stamina on the slopes as well as improve your balance, speed and endurance to limit fatigue so you can focus on being your best on the mountain!

Every skier and snowboarder is familiar with burning thighs and aching muscles. So why do so many of us forget about our pre-ski fitness routine, and fail to train properly before we hit the slopes?

Warren Miller once said “People weren’t made to fly, that’s why we build jumps”. Here at Kieser, we believe that given the right conditioning, you won’t need such jumps to fly down the slopes in elegance. Whilst the research on resistance based training for many different types of activities is vast, it is only recently that studies have linked this type of training to improvement in optimum skiing performance and longevity.

To build strength for the ski field we recommend you focus on strengthening and endurance based exercises that build muscle in your legs, buttocks and core. Failing to strengthen these muscles before heading out to the slopes may mean extra recovery time and the need for rest days due to muscular pain. 

If you're interested in getting out on the slopes this winter, talk to your local Kieser centre about customising your training plan to build up those important leg, core and gluteal muscles to have your best snow season yet!

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