Strength Training

Longer and stronger – 5 exercises to improve your golf game

Image of Katie Elliott

Case Studies

Team member spotlight, Physiotherapist Katie Elliott

Image of Pia Batten

Case Studies

Meet our Kieser team, Pia Batten

Chronic Conditions

Diabetes and exercise - Exercise Right Week

Illustration of using B5 prone leg curl machine


Keep your hamstrings strong with the B5

Illustration of using J2/K2 machines


J2 & K2 - Front Chin

Illustration of using E4 machine


Keep Your Shoulders Strong with the E4 & E5 Machines

Training with the B3/B4 machine


Machine of the Month - B3/B4 Foot Supination & Foot Pronation

Illustration of using F1/F1.1 rotary torso machine


Keep Your Trunk Strong with the F1/F1.1 Rotary Torso Machine