Illustration of using the F3/F3.1 lower back machine


Increasing Your Lower Back Strength with Kieser's F3/F3.1

Illustration of using an E1 Neck Press Machine


Keep Your Shoulders Strong with the E1 Neck Press Machine

Images of Jess DeGaetano

Case Studies

Kieser Team Member, Jess DeGaetano

Images of Hamish McConnell

Case Studies

Kieser Team Member, Hamish McConnell

Image of Werner Kieser


Werner Kieser, 18 October 1940 – 19 May 2021

3 tips to safely return to exercise in the new year with Tim Dettman

Strength Training

3 Tips to Safely Return to Exercise in the New Year

Illustration of using J9 side bend


Keep Your Trunk Strong with the J9

Kieser training clinic


Stage 4 Restrictions & Kieser

Demonstrating the B7 - bridge exercise


Home Exercise of the Month - B7 Bridge