Kieser remains open for Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology services. All of our clients have come to Kieser because of injury, infirmity or other medical conditions and our services are essential to maintaining their health and wellbeing. 

In line with state regulations, currently our clinics in metropolitan Melbourne are closed for independent training. 
For any questions or concerns please email us at 


Hygiene Action Plan

Your health is our priority. Your strength is our responsibility. We understand how important Kieser is in the lives of so many Australians to maintain their physical and mental health - so we have taken the following steps to ensure you feel comfortable and safe when coming to Kieser to build your strength.

  • Low density training - While we are taking 1:1 sessions, we are limiting the number of clinicians and patients in each Kieser clinic.
  • Social distancing - Our team are all following social distancing protocols, not exercising on adjacent pieces of equipment and avoiding congregating in common areas.
  • Hand hygiene - All Kieser clients and team members are asked to wash or sanitise their hands upon entry. During training sessions, we require that all clients wear gloves
  • Equipment sanitisation - Every Kieser client has always used a towel when training, and now our team are also wiping down equipment after EVERY use
  • No symptoms - we ask that anyone attending Kieser not do so if they have any cold or flu like symptoms and seek medical clearance before they return.
  • TeleHealth - There are many reasons why you may not be able to attend a Kieser clinic, so we have made sure our highly qualified team are available for online appointments anytime. Click here for further information about our TeleHealth services.
  • Face Masks - We are following state regulations for face masks in all centres. Our team and clients wear face masks at all times inside clinics in metropolitan Melbourne

Our clinics in NSW and QLD have expanded on these seven steps of hygiene and safety as they are open for independent training. This includes the need to limit the number of clients training at any one time to maintain our low density training and social distancing standards. 

We appreciate both your support and understanding during this time. 

Health Action Plan

The Kieser Health Action Plan applies to both clients and team members. Beginning the 6th of March, we have asked both clients and team members not to train should they be experiencing ANY cold or flu symptoms, until they have been medically cleared. If in doubt, we recommend that you stay away and seek advice from your doctor.

Thank you for respecting other members concerns and our imperative to minimise any risk of transmission within our clientele and team, no matter how small the risk.

Will Kieser be staying open?

We are pleased to advise that all Kieser clinics have remained open for Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology services throughout the entirety of the Coronavirus situation. All of our clients have come to Kieser because of injury, infirmity or other medical conditions and our services are essential to maintaining their health and wellbeing. In line with state regulations, our clinics in metropolitan Melbourne are currently closed for independent training.

Can I book a Physiotherapy or Exercise Physiology session in the centre?

Yes. Australian Minister for Health, Greg Hunt, has confirmed that ALL Allied Health businesses can continue working and are encouraged to do so. We will continue to apply strict hygiene measures during these sessions. If you would like to book an initial assessment, please click here.  All follow up sessions can be booked by calling your local Kieser centre.

Will you have any TeleHealth options?

Absolutely! We are a healthcare company and hence we know that our duty of care continues for you regardless of the current situation. Our mission is to build a stronger Australia – and we will continue this however we can. Beginning March 18th, we launched TeleHealth and Assisted Training @ Home which offer Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology and 1:1 training with an Exercise Scientist through a video conference. To learn more about our virtual Kieser services or to book a session please click here

What will happen to my membership payments if a Kieser clinic is closed for independent training?

All membership payments are automatically suspended if a Kieser clinic is required to close for independent training. It is important that you consider your physical health at this difficult time and we recommend that you consider other options available to you, such as Assisted Training in the clinic or Telehealth/Teletraining.

How can I help?

We have had this question posed by many clients, which has been very humbling. Cur clients can continue to support Kieser by attending sessions in whatever way they are able to, whether that be in-clinic Assisted Training sessions or Telehealth sessions. 

Should I still be exercising?

Exercise is good for your physical health, mental health and immune system. We strongly recommend that you continue to exercise safely during this period If you are unsure what options are available or appropriate for you, it might be best to book an assessment with your Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist. They can initially take you through your training session but also provide recommendations on what your options are, including Tele-Health sessions. If this is of interest call your local centre today - we are always around to answer the phones and help with any queries you may have or, alternatively, you can book Initial Appointments online on our website.

Is TeleHealth open to non-Kieser members?

Absolutely! One of the small silver linings of this situation is that we will be able to share our Kieser expertise and Kieser philosophy with those who don’t normally train at Kieser. So if you have a friend or family member anywhere in Australia who needs a Physio, please suggest they call for a booking on 03 9696 3599.

Coronavirus – Additional Information

This situation is evolving rapidly and its important that you keep yourself up to date. As a scientific and evidence based organisation, we strongly recommend that you do so using the most reputable resources available:

World Health Organisation:

Australian Government Department of Health