Kieser Membership Deferral Process

Step 1: Fill out deferral form below

Step 2: Kieser team will confirm deferral within 2 business days of receiving your form

Kieser Membership Deferral Form
If you would like to defer for longer, please put your request in the box below

Deferrals are available, with the specifications outlined below, when you are unable to train due to a holiday or short-term relocation. 


  • Please note that direct debit payments will recommence automatically without notice at the completion date of your deferral period.  Deferral alters the end date of your specified term of membership.

  • For a deferral to be approved you must complete the Deferral Application Form either in clinic or online prior to your period of deferral. You must include a start and end date of deferral.

  • Core Membership, Assisted Training Memberships, Class Membership & Paid Upfront – You may defer your membership for a minimum of two weeks with no maximum deferral period. There is no deferral fee.

  • Flexi Membership – You may defer your membership for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of eight weeks in any 12 month period subject to an ongoing fee of $5 per fortnight payable by direct debit for the period of your absence in order to cover administrative costs.

  • Medical deferral: upon presentation of a medical certificate you may defer your membership for the period for which your medical practitioner certifies you as unfit to train irrespective of the type of your Agreement.

To discuss your deferral please contact your local Kieser clinic.