Kieser Subscription Deferral Process


Step 1: Fill out deferral form online or in person in your local centre

Step 2: Kieser team will confirm deferral within 2 business days of receiving your form

How you can support us and our team during the current COVID-19/Coronavirus Outbreak

You recently requested that we defer your membership and we completely respect your decision to defer and not train. However, given the circumstances, we would like you to consider a couple of alternatives that will not only help you keep in shape but also help us continue to serve our community and team.
Option 1: Defer Your Deferral
In this instance you can opt to continue paying your membership fee and we will credit you for the same amount of time at the anniversary of yourmembership. We do not expect that you immediately come back to training but rather pay now for our membership service, which you will then receive in the future. At this early stage of uncertainty every bit will help us maintain our services. In return we will provide:

  • A membership credit for your deferral period to be added to yourmembership at your next anniversary;
  • One free physiotherapy appointment to be used at any time during the next 12 months; and
  • One free Assisted Training Session to be used at any time during the next 12 months.

We would be incredibly appreciative if you could consider this option. We’d like to think that we are not asking for a handout, but simply asking for a hand up.
Option 2: Tele-Training
Tele-Training has been developed by our team over the past three weeks in preparation for addressing this crisis. It involves a weekly one-on-one online session with one of our Exercise Scientists. During this session they will talk you through a series of home exercises designed to emulate those machines in your program. While not as effective as our equipment it’s a great way to stay strong until you are comfortable to return to normal training.
We understand that we are not alone and this is a difficult time for many Australian businesses. We wish you all the very best of health, thank you for your ongoing support and we look forward to seeing you back training at Kieser soon.


If you are interested in taking up one of our alternative deferral options, please click the button below to get in touch with our team. You do not need to fill out the deferral form if you are interested in 'deferring your deferral' or Tele-Training. If you would like to submit a standard deferral, please fill out the form below.

Deferrals are available, with the specifications outlined below, when you are unable to train due to a holiday or short-term relocation. 


  • Please note that direct debit payments will recommence automatically without notice at the completion date of your deferral period.  Deferral alters the end date of your specified term of membership.

  • For a deferral to be approved you must complete the Deferral Application Form either in centre or online prior to your period of deferral. You must include a start and end date of deferral.

  • Core Subscription, Assisted Training Subscription, Class Subscription & Paid Upfront – You may defer your subscription for a minimum of two weeks with no maximum deferral period. There is no deferral fee.

  • Flexi Subscription – You may defer your subscription for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of eight weeks in any 12 month period subject to an ongoing fee of $5 per fortnight payable by direct debit for the period of your absence in order to cover administrative costs.

  • Medical deferral: upon presentation of a medical certificate you may defer your subscription for the period for which your medical practitioner certifies you as unfit to train irrespective of the type of your Agreement.

To discuss your deferral please contact your local Kieser centre.