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When organisations systematically build strong partnerships with customers, extraordinary things happen. 

For over a decade, Kieser has been a quiet achiever in improving health outcomes for Australians, and members are living proof of the benefits of the science of Kieser. In 2024, to further build on these strengths, and uphold a commitment to excellence, the Kieser Pymble team and clinic members will together establish a Kieser Council.  

Councils have long been used in modern society and within health settings for many decades. They are a way of bringing together a diverse group of insiders to work within a respectful and collaborative environment, with a collective focus on designing outcomes for the greater good. 


Why a Kieser Council? 

There are many benefits that the Kieser Council will deliver. Members of well-designed councils say that engaging with other members is informative and valuable, and provides an opportunity to better understand the landscape for health and social care. Discussions within council meetings spark questions that not only lead to more evidence-based knowledge and insight but can also deepen our understanding of members’ experiences at Kieser Pymble. 

As part of the Kieser Council, we aspire to: 

  • Co-create an environment where:  

  • Kieser is connected to, and learns from the talents and insights of our members. 

  • Clinic members are continually learning what they want and need to supplement their Kieser strength training for life long health and wellbeing. 

  • Clinic members and team members are benefiting from the systematic input of clients about their Kieser experiences. 

  • Explore ways of building strong partnerships in our local healthcare neighbourhood. 

  • Build an even stronger Kieser family. 

To form the Kieser Council, we are looking for a diverse group of 25-30 Kieser Pymble members to volunteer to be part of the inaugural group.  

All are encouraged and welcome to be part of the Kieser Council, and we are looking for people of all ages and genders with various Kieser membership length and experiences who have a diverse range of cultural, educational, work, life and geographical experiences.  


What will the Kieser Council do? 

The Kieser Council will aim to meet face-to-face once a month for 90 minutes in the early evening. The ongoing meeting details, agenda and terms-of-reference will be co-designed between clinic members and team members.  

Kieser Council may invite experts to attend and share their insights and knowledge.  

Agenda items will be identified by the council but will be cover themes across local healthcare innovations, preventative health programs, expert presentations on healthy ageing, challenges in Australian health systems and more.  The Kieser Council will serve as a valuable tool for understanding member experiences which can promote service improvements and better outcomes for members. 


Interested in being part of the Kieser Council? Express your interest here by Monday May 6, 2024.