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Level 1, 220 Bay Road
3191 Sandringham



(03) 8563 5555

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Monday to Thursday
6:00 AM - 8:30 PM

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      Kieser Sandringham
      Level 1, 220 Bay Road
      3191 Sandringham

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      We strive to strengthen the Sandringham community with our integrated physiotherapy and strength & conditioning programs at Kieser Sandringham.

      Our focus at Kieser is on functional improvement irrespective of pursuits, age or condition. A Kieser facility is not a traditional gym. At Kieser, we believe our clients should be able to train in a clean, bright, uncluttered space, free of any distractions so the focus can be solely upon training. This is why all of our centres have no music, no mirrors and no distractions. We believe this creates a non-intimidating environment that welcomes clients from all levels of ability.

      Strength training at Kieser Sandringham

      Strenghtening your body can help promote an active, pain-free and healthy life. At Kieser we treat each client as an individual. At Kieser Sandringham we are able to design a strength & conditioning program for whatever is important to you, whether you're looking to prepare yourself for your day-to-day work and its effects on your back, building muscle for sport or simply looking to remain strong and pain-free. 

      Physiotherapy at Kieser Sandringham

      Creating long term results through exercise is the cornerstone of physiotherapy at Kieser. Pain can inhibit muscle activity no matter what the cause, so our physiotherapists treat a wide variety of conditions in our facilities including spinal conditions, pre/post surgery, peripheral injuries/ pain (shoulders, knees, hips, ankles, etc.), scoliosis and many more. 

      Our focus at Kieser is on functional improvement irrespective of pursuits, age or condition. All Kieser Sandringham clients begin their journey with an initial consultation with one of our physiotherapists or exercise physiologists, who will prepare a comprehensive treatment plan to reduce any aches and pains and start the process of reconditioning. After the initial treatment phase they will be introduced to one of our exercise scientists who will develop a customised training program.

      If you have never seen a Kieser facility, we invite you to visit Kieser Sandringham and personally experience the Kieser difference.