Kieser Membership Cancellation

Please fill out the form below to cancel your Kieser membership. This form takes around 1 minute to complete. Click here for membership terms and conditions. 

Terms and conditions

You may cancel your Kieser membership subject to the following conditions –

  • Core Membership, Assisted Training Memberships and Class Membership – If canceling inside the membership terms your cancellation will be subject to a cancellation fee of $149 and;
    • You agree to provide 14 days written notice to the facility at which you hold your agreement by completing the cancellation form;
    • If you have completed your minimum term and wish to cancel you will be required to give 14 days written notice by completing the cancellation form;
  • Flexi Membership – You agree to provide 14 days written notice to the facility at which you hold your agreement by completing the cancellation form.
  • Paid Upfront – cancellation is not available other than if you are certified as unfit to train by your GP for the balance of your term or if you move permanent residence to a location more than 30km from at Kieser establishment. In such case, you are entitled to terminate this agreement with 14 days written notice and you must provide a copy of the medical certificate from your GP or evidence of your relocation. Subject to the receipt of such evidence you will be refunded the pro rata portion of your unused term based on the fee you paid. Under no other circumstances will a refund be provided.