Strength for Snow Sports

There is one good thing about the weather getting colder - June is the official start of the snow season! If you're interested in getting out on the slopes this winter, learn how Kieser can help improve your strength and stamina for snow sports.

Machine of the Month - B8 Ankle Dorsiflexion

The B8, or ankle dorsiflexion, isolates and strengthens the anterior tibialis muscle in the front of the shins.

How to Reduce Your Risk of Bowel Cancer

A healthy diet and active lifestyle are key to reducing your risk of bowel cancer. If you are diagnosed with bowel cancer, exercise has a place in conjunction with your medical treatment. A specific exercise program can be developed by an Exercise Physiologist to assist you through the treatment and help to build strength and fitness post treatment to assist you in returning to your normal activities.

I have made it to 80 in good health thanks to Kieser

Training twice per week for nearly 13 years has helped Mel reach 80 years old in good health.