Pre/Post Surgery Programs

The aim of Kieser's pre-surgery and post-surgical programs are to help our clients improve post-surgical outcomes where prevention is not possible. In particular, prehabilitation programs can be a successful pre-surgical intervention option both to reduce post-surgical inpatient stays, helps improve post-surgical outcomes and improve recovery times. 

Kieser specialises in prehabilitation and rehabilitation programs for a number of surgical procedures:

Back and neck

Including discectomy, laminectomy and spinal/cervical fusion


Including total knee replacement, partial knee replacement and arthroscopy


Including total hip replacement, arthroscopy and resection arthroplasty


Including rotator cuff surgery, shoulder replacement, biceps resection and arthroscopy

Pre-Surgical Programs

Physiotherapist treatment

The way you prepare your body in the weeks prior to surgery are crucial. Pre-surgical physiotherapy programs are used to develop an exercise program that can be performed 4-6 weeks prior to surgery. These programs will help you to maximise your range of movement while you are preparing for surgery and ensure a smooth recovery.

Post-Surgical Programs

Woman using the F3 Lower Back machine guided by an exercise scientist

In some instances post-surgical rehabilitation is important in achieving the optimum outcome from your procedure. The goal of a post-surgery physiotherapy program is to help you return to physical function. Your post-surgical rehabilitation program will entail two parts:

  • Post-Surgical Exercise: Completed as a home exercise program until at least week four, then completed twice weekly thereafter. Research suggests muscular recovery will continue for 12 months post-surgery.
  • Post-Surgical Physiotherapy: We recommend weekly physiotherapy to reduce your pain and maximise your range of movement until your range has plateaued for two weeks. This will likely take 6-12 weeks.