Pre/Post Surgery Programs

The aim of Kieser's pre-surgery and post-surgical programs are to help our clients improve post-surgical outcomes where prevention is not possible. In particular, prehabilitation programs can be a successful pre-surgical intervention option both to reduce post-surgical inpatient stays, helps improve post-surgical outcomes and improve recovery times. 

Kieser specialises in prehabilitation and rehabilitation programs for a number of surgical procedures:

Back and neck

Including discectomy, laminectomy and spinal/cervical fusion


Including total knee replacement, partial knee replacement and arthroscopy


Including total hip replacement, arthroscopy and resection arthroplasty


Including rotator cuff surgery, shoulder replacement, biceps resection and arthroscopy

Pre-Surgical Programs

Physiotherapist treatment

The way you prepare your body in the weeks prior to surgery are crucial. Pre-surgical physiotherapy programs are used to develop an exercise program that can be performed 4-6 weeks prior to surgery. These programs will help you to maximise your range of movement while you are preparing for surgery and ensure a smooth recovery.

Post-Surgical Programs

Woman using the F3 Lower Back machine guided by an exercise scientist

In some instances post-surgical rehabilitation is important in achieving the optimum outcome from your procedure. The goal of a post-surgery physiotherapy program is to help you return to physical function. Your post-surgical rehabilitation program will entail two parts:

  • Post-Surgical Exercise: Completed as a home exercise program until at least week four, then completed twice weekly thereafter. Research suggests muscular recovery will continue for 12 months post-surgery.
  • Post-Surgical Physiotherapy: We recommend weekly physiotherapy to reduce your pain and maximise your range of movement until your range has plateaued for two weeks. This will likely take 6-12 weeks.


Kieser Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis Program - Fully Funded for GMHBA Members!

knee osteoarthritis

The Kieser Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis Program is a twelve-week program that includes a physiotherapy assessment, exercise physiologist/scientist supervised exercise sessions on Kieser equipment as well as education sessions on nutrition and chronic pain. The long term goals of the program are to improve function and daily life by reducing pain, delaying or avoiding joint replacement surgery and provide the client with a long-term self-management program. From July 1st, 2018 to December 31st, 2018, GMHBA are providing a full rebate for the program (for eligible members) as they work together with Kieser to conduct a research pilot project. Contact your local Kieser centre to learn more.