At Kieser we specialise in managing pain and chronic conditions through exercise. 

Our highly trained staff use rehabilitation facilities typically only found in the world of elite sports. This, coupled with our evidence-based techniques is what enables us to pursue our mission – to build a stronger Australia, whether that helps to reduce pain, improve a golf swing or help with everyday strength.

    Physiotherapist treatment
    Our Physio & EP Services
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    Our physiotherapists are qualified in: Mobilisation, Manipulation, Dry needling, Massage and Taping.

    Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists provide specialised exercise based treatment for: Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer, High blood pressure & cholesterol, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Chronic pain & chronic fatigue, Falls & balance and many more.

    What to expect from Kieser?

    Kieser clients begin their journey with an initial assessment with either one of our Physiotherapists or Exercise Physiologists, who will prepare a comprehensive treatment plan to assist in reducing or managing any aches and pains and start the process of reconditioning.

    After the initial treatment phase either their Exercise Physiologist or Exercise Scientist will develop their training program. This program is tailored specifically to their circumstances taking into account age, condition, activities and goals.

    At Kieser we accept all patient referral types if eligible. Patients we see include:

    • Private patients
    • Physiotherapy referral
    • Workcover Patients
    • TAC Clients
    • DVA Patients

    Initial Assessment

    Physiotherapist Treatment

    The first step for all new clients at Kieser is an initial assessment with a Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist (depending on their condition). After the appointment, the Kieser practitioner will send a letter to the appropriate referrer with the client treatment plan. 

    Treatment Phase

    Lumbar Extension Machine with male client

    The treatment phase consists of necessary follow-up Physiotherapy or Exercise Physiology sessions designed to deliver symptomatic relief, restore mobility and function while laying a foundation of strength. This phase is usually between 2-12 sessions. Throughout this time the Kieser practitioner will keep in frequent contact with the referring health professional.

    Development Phase

    Woman using the F3 Lower Back machine guided by an exercise scientist

    The development phase is designed to build on the foundation of strength and create noticeable strength gains for the client. During this phase the client will be introduced to our Exercise Scientists for 1:1 introductory sessions to our strength & conditioning programs and will begin their independent training plans.

    Maintenance Phase

    Man using the D6 chest press machine guided by an exercise scientist

    The final phase at Kieser is the maintenance phase which is designed for clients to maintain their level of strength to prevent recurrence of pain or injury. During this time, the Kieser staff will maintain contact with the referring health professional periodically, such as when a client presents with a new pain episode.

    How to Book

    Clients can book their initial assessment either through our website at or by calling their local centre.

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