Physiotherapy for Sports Injuries

Preventing sport injuries is increasingly important for individuals and teams alike. At Kieser, we can isolate and specifically test and compare the strength of the muscles that are important in your sport. With this information our physiotherapists can design an exercise program to address any weaknesses and strengthen the muscles to help prevent sports injuries.

Treating sporting injuries requires five important elements:

Early intervention
Thorough assessment and diagnosis
Contemporary physiotherapy

Massage, mobilisation, dry needling and more

Rehabilitation and strengthening exercise
Load monitoring and graduated return to sport
Sports Physiotherapy
How we treat and prevent sports injuries
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At Kieser, our team of Physiotherapists are prepared to treat all types of sporting injuries. Kieser builds up muscles, tendons, tendon attachments, bones, ligaments and cartilage and protects you from overstraining yourself. As it trains both agonist and antagonist (the partners in the movement), it prevents the development of the muscular imbalances that are detrimental to health. It ensures that whatever the sport, strength, endurance and coordination work well together. If you want to take up a particular sport, we recommend doing six months’ strength training either as preparation or in tandem with it. At Kieser, we have programs for all popular sports.

Elite Sport at Kieser
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Due to the specificity of our equipment, we have been consulting in elite sport a number of years. Sports doctors and sports physiotherapists have seen the advantages our objective testing equipment can offer elite athletes.

We have screened whole squads as well as individual players to provide elite sport staff with more accurate and more specific information about injury risk and rehabilitation progress. 

In preparation for the 2015 season, we completed a screening project with the Geelong Football club, which involved screening the full squad and the identification of "High performing benchmarks" and "Low performing risk athletes". From there we designed a six-week intervention for the high risk athletes which included a re-assessment of strength for all players.

If you would like further information for your elite or amateur team, please contact

Local clubs & communities
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Our physiotherapists can be found on football fields, on running tracks, with cycling teams and presenting at schools to help our local community with their injury management. At Kieser we work closely with players and parents as well as reporting through to coaches on the progress of players back from injury. Each Kieser centre is equipped with world class rehabilitation facilities that are not available in most physiotherapy clinics. For local sporting clubs and schools our services include everything from provision of physiotherapists or exercise physiologists at games/training sessions to post match injury clinics. We also offer a comprehensive athlete screening which includes: posture analysis, core strength and stability assessment and gait analysis. For more information about how we can help bring the world of elite sport into your environment contact

Some of the local sporting clubs we work with include

Geelong cats football club logo
Geelong FC
Richmond tigers football club logo
Richmond FC
Oakleigh chargers football club logo
Oakleigh Chargers FC
South Melbourne Football club logo
South Melbourne FC
Melbourne Uni Blacks logo
Uni Blacks FC
Macedon cats football club logo
Macedon FC
Aberfeldie Sports Club Logo
Aberfeldie Sports Club
Yarra Ariels netball club logo
Yarra Ariels VNL