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I Kieser to Keep Running

Client Name: Suzy MartyCentre: South MelbournePrimary Physios: Rob Osborne and James ColePrimary Instructor: Georgia Verry After a hip injury following years of fun runs and marathons, 49 year old Suzy came to Kieser to get back to her favourite hobby. Here is her story:   “I was already a pretty keen bushwalker and about seven years ago at age 43 I took up running to try and get a bi...


The key to a life without pain.

We all know somebody who struggles with muscle and joint pain. Kieser aims at reducing pain through our targeted strength training programmes.

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Getting back on the bike.

Strength training helps individuals to overcome their niggles, and pursue their passions.


Malcolm is back in the swing of things.

Kieser Brighton member, Malcolm, is 50 years old, and despite his age, is at the prime of his game.


Significant strength gains in only 17 sessions

Whilst many of our clients claim that they experience very positive results from frequent training at Kieser, we wanted to put this to the test to review exactly how many sessions it takes for significant strength gains.


Strength Training for Parkinson's disease

Parkinson's disease can affect anyone - male or female and at any age, although it is more common in older age. Currently, one in every 340 people in Australia lives with Parkinson’s Disease which makes it more prevalent than many cancers including breast cancer, leukaemia, kidney cancer and lung cancer. Parkinson’s disease is characterised as a progressive degenerative...

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