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Machine of the Month - G1

Keep Your Neck and Shoulders Strong with the G1 The G1, or neck and shoulder, isolates and strengthens the upper trapezius muscle of the neck. A primary role of the upper trapezius is to elevate the shoulder girdle. The G1 is often used to rehabilitate shoulder movement and retrain proper shoulder movement patterns. The G1 machine is not as frequently used as some of our ...

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I Kieser to Keep My Back Strong

Client Name: Brendan ChapmanCentre: EssendonPrimary Instructor: Matthew Clark After a disc injury in 1985, Brendan suffered back pain for many years. After more than eight months at Kieser, his back pain has reduced and he is feeling better than he has in over 30 years. Here is his story: "I injured my L5 S1 disc in 1985 in a workplace accident which caused constant ...

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New Training Standards

We are constantly looking to improve our treatment and training protocols and programs. Over the last three years, we have undertaken a project regarding the efficacy of our training programs. There are two significant changes that we are now ready to implement based on data from extensive research studies. TIME UNDER LOAD: 90-120 SEC While training independently, all clients shoul...

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Mental Health

Mental health is a significant contributor to disability, and Australia has seen a rise in the prevalence of mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. In Australia, approximately one million adults are suffering from depression or a depressive episode, and a further two million with anxiety. There is a strong connection between mental and physical...


Machine of the Month - C7

Keep Your Back Strong with the C7 The C7, or row, isolates and strengthens the trapezius, latissimus dorsi, rhomboid and bicep muscles. The C7 is one of our most commonly used machines and is also an exercise that in most conventional gyms is frequently performed incorrectly. The C7 exercise focuses on the retraction movement of your shoulder blades, doubled with ...

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I Kieser to Keep Feeling Young

Client Name: Michael CarewCentre: Mont Albert After years of back pain, Michael joined Kieser to build strength to go on an adventure of a lifetime. Here is his story: "At 63 I completed the longest dual crossing of Bass Strait by jet ski and could not have and would not have attempted this without the support of the team at Kieser Mont Albert. When I was a young plu...

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