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Strength Training for Golf

Muscle strengthening prepares the body for the safe practice of any activity. However, each activity has its own pattern of injuries and places higher demands on certain muscle groups, which require targeted training to achieve the best outcomes. In the case of golf, the back is the part of the body most prone to injury, due to the fact that when playing golf, the spine is e...

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Strength Training During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is no reason to stop training - quite the opposite. Moderate strength training while pregnant keeps you fit and mobile and helps prevent back pain and developing diabetes during pregnancy.

Diabetessmall 2

Strength Training and Diabetes

How to Prevent and Manage Diabetes

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Start the Running Season Stronger

Strength helps you run more smoothly, faster and further

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The Core - Our Trump Card

In addition to endurance, speed, coordination and agility, snowboarders need strength - in particular they need a strong core.


Hit the Slopes

If you haven't already started, it's time to get your muscles toned for the slopes with a special ski program. Kieser instructor, Janique Snyder, has some tips on how to prepare for carving.

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