Get physiotherapy help with

Back Pain

Hands-on physio and personalised, targeted strengthening

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Pre/Post Surgery

Improve surgical outcomes and reduce recovery time.

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Strong bodies, strong bones.

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Strength for Longevity

Expand your health span, keep doing the things you love.

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The Kieser Difference

We’re here for the Australians who suffer injury and pain; those who have a chronic disease; and for the healthy, young at heart who want to stay ahead of the curve. We’re here to keep you strong, active, pain-free and healthy. We empower our clients to restore the strength and confidence they need to keep doing the things they love.

Swiss Engineered Strength Equipment

Each clinic is equipped with our unique Swiss-engineered strength-training machines that isolate and target specific muscle groups for maximum effectiveness and safety.

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Highly Qualified Team

Our team of Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists and Exercise Scientists are highly trained professionals who are qualified to treat a wide range of injuries and conditions.

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Clinic Environment

Kieser clinics have no music and no mirrors so that you can train in a welcoming environment with no distractions or intimidations.

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1:1 Guidance

Getting the right exercise can be hard. At Kieser our university qualified team will design your program and guide you through you first 6 sessions 1:1. And if you choose, you can continue to have 1:1 supervision.

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30 mins, Twice per Week

The Science of Kieser allows you to be time efficient. Just 30 minutes, twice per week and you can have the rest of the week for work, family and the activities you love.

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