GMHBA with Kieser. Physio claiming beyond your annual limit available to eligible GMHBA members

GMHBA members with extras cover can claim benefits for Kieser physiotherapy, either telehealth or in-centre consultations with no out of pocket costs. Eligible members can claim up to six sessions beyond your annual limits.

Already a Kieser client? Book your independent training session online! 

Visit our booking portal to book your independent training session to allow us to regulate the number of people in our clinics.

Kieser update to new Victorian restrictions

Significant changes were announced in Victoria on August 2nd and we are expecting there will be more announcements that affect us in the coming days.

Kieser is classified as an Allied Health clinic and all restrictions that apply to Allied Health will apply to us. For now, this means:

  • If you attend Kieser in Melbourne: At this stage your appointment will go ahead this week. We will keep you updated if this changes.
  • If you attend Kieser in Geelong or Torquay: The last day for independent training at Geelong and Torquay (for now) will be Wednesday. As an Allied Health clinic, after this you will be able to access Kieser via a Physiotherapy / Exercise Physiology and 1:1 appointment only.
  • If you attend Kieser in NSW or QLD: Thank you for your support and co-operation with our physical distancing and hygiene standards. Collectively, we must all continue to do the right thing to stop the spread.

If you have any questions, please contact our helpful Support Team here.

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Save 50% on your initial physiotherapy assessment!
Save 50% on your initial physiotherapy assessment!
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Help me with

Back Pain

The Spinal Program at Kieser

Pre/Post Surgery

to improve post-surgical outcomes


Strong body, strong bones

Strength over 40's

Program for all clients, regardless of age, condition or goals


Strengthening your body can help promote an active, pain-free and healthy life. The Kieser method is a fusion of health science and exercise science. It is an approach based on the key principles of exercise science and is grounded in decades of results from over 100 centres worldwide. Our focus at Kieser is on functional improvement irrespective of pursuits, age or condition. 

We accept all referral types:

Our partners:

Spinal Programs at Kieser

Lumbar Extension Machine with female client

At Kieser we specialise in safe and supervised training for back pain. Our evidence-based spinal programs have a number of benefits: 

  • Objective back strength testing equipment
  • Professional guidance from qualified Physiotherapists
  • Specialised strength training equipment
  • Individualised training plans

Strength training for

Man with blue spine
Back Pain
Strength for cycling
Sports Performance
Physiotherapist treatment
Pre/Post Surgery
Thin person after weight loss
Weight Loss
A5 pelvic floor machine used by a woman
Pre/Post Pregnancy
Strong golf swing
strength over 40s
Strength over 40's
Strength over 70s
Strength over 70's


Stage 4 Restrictions & Kieser

Significant changes were announced in Victoria on August 2, 2020.

I Kieser to Keep my Knees Strong

Sharron came to Kieser on recommendation from her GP due to weakness in her knees. When the pandemic hit, Sharron was worried she would lose her hard-earned progress and discovered ways to continue to train while in isolation.

Machine of the Month - J9 Side Bend

The J9, or side bend, strengthens the oblique muscles of your abdomen and the quadratus lumborum muscles.

Kieser partners with health insurer GMHBA

At Kieser we believe in science. We also believe in innovation. That’s why we are excited to announce our partnership with GMHBA and offer their members with extras access to our Physios for $0 out of pocket.