Kieser Care Plans Can Help

Reduce Pain and improve functional outcomes for clients with osteoarthritis or back pain

Delay or Avoid Surgery or help improve post-surgical outcomes where prevention is not possible

Maximise Function to improve mobility during physical activity

Increase Overall Strength to improve mobility and quality of life

Hip and Knee Osteo Care Plans

Up to 74% of patients who are eligible for a knee joint replacement may be able to delay their surgery for at least 12 months after completing a 12-week rehabilitation program.

Spinal Care Plans

Up to 84% of patients may be able to significantly delay or even avoid spinal surgery with appropriate rehabilitation, including physiotherapy and exercise.

Why Choose a Kieser Care Plan?

Reduce Pain and Symptoms

Alleviate the pain, stiffness and other symptoms associated with osteoarthritis or back pain. We believe that nobody should be held back by pain, and our team of experts will work with you to reduce symptoms and improve your overall comfort.

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Understand Your Condition

An understanding of your condition and how to manage it gives you the best chance to improve your symptoms and quality of life. With our guidance, you will be better equipped to effectively self-manage your condition.

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Delay or Avoid Surgical Intervention

Kieser Care Plans are designed to provide an alternative and effective way to manage your osteoarthritis or back pain that can help prevent or delay the need for surgery.

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Regain Quality of Life

Having a painful, chronic condition can be limiting and reduce your enjoyment of life. Kieser Care Plans provide a pathway to reducing your symptoms and returning to the things you love.

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Regain Strength and Mobility

We seek to address your symptoms, improve strength and focus on moving with greater ease and confidence. Whether it’s golf, walking, or engaging in your favourite hobbies, we want you to thrive in your daily life.

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