The benefits of the Spinal Program at Kieser for back pain

Supervised by an experienced Kieser physiotherapist

Targeted toward the muscles that are the primary and secondary causes of lower back pain

Completed slowly and safely on specific back strengthening equipment

6-12 weeks in duration to allow muscle and connective tissue to respond to the program

The Back Problem

Back pain can inhibit muscle activation and cause us to modify our movement patterns and posture to avoid painful positions. This causes the important stabilising muscles to begin to weaken and atrophy, which can lead to back spasms, pain and eventually chronic pain in what is known as the “cycle of deconditioning”.

Breaking the Cycle: The Kieser Difference

Our approach effectively breaks the cycle of deconditioning using the clinical reasoning and skills of our team of physiotherapists and targeted, safe and effective reconditioning of the deep spinal muscles.

How Does it Work?

Our unique testing equipment provides an objective measure of your deep spinal muscles. Your strengthening and rehabilitation program is supplemented with additional strengthening exercises – we seek to improve your overall core strength and stability.