With the help of our Lumbar Extension machine, we can test the mobility of your back and the strength of your deep spinal muscles. These muscles are a crucial element to the health of your back.

The benefits of isolated back training

Increases the strength of your stabilising lumbar spine muscles

Increases the mobility of the spine

Significantly reduces chronic back and neck pain

Helps to prevent or delay spinal surgery

Strengthen the muscles of your lumbar spine

Without the supporting muscles, our spine would be unstable. The stability of our spine is controlled by our multifidus muscle, which runs from the pelvis to the head along the spine connecting our vertebrates. The multifidus muscle contributes in all movements of the spine. It stabilises and protects the spine to prevent injury. Weakness of the supporting spinal muscles is frequently associated with lower back pain.

While serious spinal conditions cannot be exercised away, back pain can be managed or reduced by isolated strength training. Our experience has shown that it can even prevent or delay spinal surgery.

Back strength testing

How strong are the deep muscles of your lumbar spine? Using our Lumbar Extension machine (LE), we are able to provide you with objective data on the strength of your back. We are then able to use this data to compare your results to a normative population. This enables us to diagnose the functional causes of your symptoms. 

The Lumbar Extension machine – LE

In order to strengthen the deep muscles of the lumbar spine, we need to exclude pelvic rotation by immobilising the pelvis. In each of our centres we have a specialised Lumbar Extension (LE) machine which allows us to target the back extensor muscles in isolation and effectively build up their strength. Regular training on the LE machine can help to reduce lower back pain.

Training programs for maintaining your back strength

On successful completion of your physiotherapy treatment we will discuss with you the benefits of continuing with an independent strength and conditioning program. Clients who continue ongoing strength and conditioning programs allow therapy benefits to be maintained for years. In fact, in many instances further strength and functional gains can be made.