Strength training programs at Kieser can help clients with osteoarthritis by reducing joint pain and increasing strength and mobility. Research shows exercise therapy can successfully reduce osteoarthritis pain and produce functional outcomes for clients with osteoarthritis. 

"74% of patients initially deemed appropriate for joint replacement did not proceed to knee arthroplasty in the 12-months following a 12-week rehabilitation program." (Skou et al, 2015)

"Prehabilitation programs have been found to reduce pain, improve function and lead to better post-surgical outcomes."

(Desmeules et al, 2013)


Understanding osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) affects articular joints, causing pain, stiffness, and functional loss. It's prevalent worldwide, with over 9% of Australians self-reporting OA (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2015). Common in hands, lower back, neck, knees, and hips. Muscle weakness contributes to OA and raises risk. At Kieser, we assist OA management by reducing pain and enhancing function through targeted strength training to bolster muscles around affected joints. 

Targeted Physiotherapy Programs for Osteoarthritis Management

Our physiotherapy programs effectively manage osteoarthritis, tailored to your unique needs. Comprehensive assessment guides a custom treatment plan, reducing pain, enhancing mobility, and improving quality of life. We combine manual therapy and targeted strength exercises, focusing on muscle strength around affected joints for stability. Our skilled physiotherapists employ hands-on techniques, such as joint and soft tissue mobilisations, to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and enhance joint function.

Clinical Diagnosis and Customised Treatment Plans

We value your uniqueness and foster a compassionate environment in your osteoarthritis journey. Our dedicated team prioritises your well-being, listens, and involves you in your treatment. Education and self-management are key. We offer guidance on lifestyle adjustments, joint protection, and self-care for comfort and long-term joint health.

Targeted strength training for osteoarthritis management

After meeting with a Kieser Physiotherapist to focus on diagnosis and pain relief, you will be introduced to one of our Exercise Scientists who will help you to build strength and restore range of motion in your joints.

The benefits of strength training for joint health

Strength training is proven to benefit osteoarthritis by enhancing muscle strength, joint stability, and overall function. Our Swiss-engineered equipment, exclusive to Kieser, offers precise muscle targeting. Our programs ensure safe, efficient strength training with adaptable resistance increments suitable for those with osteoarthritis.

Kieser strength training exercises for osteoarthritis

Clients with osteoarthritis will receive a customised treatment plan to target the specific muscles and muscle groups in need of strengthening. For those with hip or knee osteoarthritis, some of the strength trianing exercises may include the following:

  • A3 Hip abduction: This exercise strengthens the gluteal muscles which can be particularly beneficial for individuals with osteoarthritis as strong glutes help provide stability and support to the hips and knees.
  • B6 Leg press: The leg press exercise strengthens a number of muscles in the lower body in a movement that minimises the impact on the joints
  • A1 Hip extension: With Kieser's hip extension exercise you strengthen the large gluteal muscle which helps to straighten the trunk from a bent position. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with hip osteoarthritis as it helps to strengthen the muscles around the hip joint and improve hip stability
  • B7 Seated leg curl: Strong hamstrings help provide stability to the knee joint and support proper movement.
  • B1 Leg extension: The leg extension exercise isolates and strengthens the quadriceps muscles which help to support the knee joint and improve overall knee stability.
  • F1 Abdominal: Kieser's abdominal exercise strengthens the oblique muscles which are important for posture and stability. This is beneficial for those with both hip and knee osteoarthritis as it helps to reduce the load on the affected joints.
  • F3 Lower back: Strengthening the lower back muscles can provide support and stability for individuals with osteoarthritis

Kieser Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis Program

Kieser offers the Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis Program, often funded by health insurers, aiming to delay joint surgery. A 14-week plan includes physiotherapy assessments, exercise supervised by specialists, and osteoarthritis education. Safely improve hip or knee health with us. Learn more and check eligibility below

Get started with an osteoarthritis program at Kieser

To get started with an osteoarthritis management program, contact your local Kieser clinic and schedule an initial assessment with one of our experienced Physiotherapists. Our dedicated team is committed to helping you continue to do the activities you love without pain or injury.

Booking your initial assessment with a Kieser Physiotherapist

Book your osteoarthritis treatment plan with an online Physiotherapist assessment. In the initial 45-minute consultation, we assess your joints and condition, including objective strength testing. Your custom treatment plan may involve manual therapy for pain and swelling, as well as exercises on Kieser equipment to enhance range of motion and strengthen affected joints.