Your Kieser journey for clients referred by a doctor

If you have been referred to Kieser for a Physiotherapy or strength training program, the first step is to make an appointment for an initial assessment. You will end your assessment with a customised treatment plan outlining your individual Kieser journey. Regardless of whether you are new to strength training or already have some experience, we will ensure that you strength train effectively and achieve your goals. See below the outline for your journey throughout Kieser:

Initial Physiotherapy assessment

For a thorough assessment and diagnosis.

Over the course of this 45-minute consultation your physiotherapist will undertake a complete review of your medical history, physical condition, mobility, training background, personal goals and perform an initial back strength test. After your initial consultation with the physiotherapist, they will either recommend a course of physiotherapy if required, or schedule your first introductory session with one of our instructors.

Back strength testing

Train on the basis of a scientifically-based back analysis.

Using our Lumbar Extension Machine in your initial session, a Physiotherapist assesses spine mobility and lower spinal erector strength. Weakness here often relates to back pain. These measurements are compared to healthy back reference data, aiding in diagnosis and documenting training progress. Click to explore our spinal programs for more details. 

Six 1:1 supervised training sessions

Essential for all clients to learn Kieser training technique

All clients go through six 1:1 sessions with one of our Exercise Scientists/Physiologists in order to prepare a training program that meets your specific objectives. During these sessions you gradually learn the exercises in your training program and how to adjust the machines. In addition, we provide information on our training methodology and the specifics of each exercise. At the end of these sessions you will be prepared and confident in your technique in order to commence independent training.

Strength Testing

Objective results on your level of strength

During your 3rd training session you will conduct your first strength test using the Kieser Strength Meter. Based on our strength measurements, we determine the maximum isometric force of key muscle groups. Compared against reference data for your gender and age, this result provides information about your general level of strength at the start of your training program. We will test your strength again after three months to objectively document the results of your training.

Train independently

On our specialised equipment

Based on our in-depth guidance you will be confident to commence independent training after your sixth session. Over the course of your membership you will be constantly supported by the Kieser team. Our instructors keep watch of our training area to ensure that you are training with proper technique and will intervene to correct and motivate you as necessary.

Regular supervised review sessions

We help you to achieve your goals.

We remain at your side even after the introductory phase, with every 20th training session supervised by one of our instructors. This enables us to review together whether you are exercising at the right intensity. We can also adapt your machine settings during these appointments to your current performance and objectives. At all times our team of instructors and physiotherapists are available to answer questions, assist with your training as well as correct and improve your training technique.

Assisted Training

1:1 supervision for a more efficient session

The key difference between training independently and assisted training is that your workout will be more focussed, efficient and accurate with the 1:1 guidance of an instructor. In an assisted training session, an exercise scientist guides you through your program, setting up equipment and assessing form on the go to ensure you get the absolute most out of your training time. Assisted training can be tailored to each person's individual goals.  Whether it be breaking through a strength plateau, preparing for a sporting event or fitting into a wedding dress, training sessions under the expert guidance of Kieser exercise science staff help you to achieve your goals sooner.  It's that simple.