Treating sporting injuries requires five important elements:

Early intervention

Thorough assessment and diagnosis

Contemporary physiotherapy

Massage, mobilisation, dry needling and more

Rehabilitation and strengthening exercise

Load monitoring and graduated return to sport

Sports Physiotherapy

How we treat and prevent sports injuries

Kieser's Physiotherapists treat sports injuries and improve musculoskeletal health. We strengthen muscles, tendons, bones, and more to prevent overstrain. Our approach promotes balanced muscles and enhances sport performance. Consider our six-month strength training programs for popular sports.

Elite Sport at Kieser

Kieser's specialised equipment has benefited elite sports for years. Sports doctors and physiotherapists appreciate our objective testing. We've screened squads and individual players, providing precise injury risk and rehab data. In 2015, we partnered with the Geelong Football Club for a successful screening and intervention project. For inquiries about your elite or amateur team, contact

Local clubs & communities

Kieser's physiotherapists are active in the local community, supporting sports and schools. We closely collaborate with players, parents, and coaches on injury management. Our centre’s offer exceptional rehab facilities not found in most clinics. We provide services to local sports clubs and schools, including physiotherapists and exercise physiologists at games/training and post-match injury clinics. Additionally, we offer comprehensive athlete screening covering posture, core strength, stability, and gait analysis. For more details on bringing elite sports expertise to your setting, contact