Strength Training to Improve Balance and Mobility

Have you recently had a fall? Are you interested in improving your balance and mobility? Do you enjoy surfing, skiing or an activity that requires good balance?

Strength training programs at Kieser can help to improve balance and reduce the risk of falls by increasing muscule mass and preventing muscular imbalances. 


Benefits of strength training for falls and balance

Reduce risk of falls
Prevent injuries related to falls
Increase ability to complete daily activities
Improve quality of life
Maximise independence

How Can Kieser Improve Balance?

Man strengthening his obliques on the F1 on the rotary torso machine guided by an exercise scientist

Muscle strength begins to decline more rapidly after 50 years of age, at a rate between 1.4% to 2.5% per year, with more rapid losses after the age of 65 years. Low levels of lower limb strength are associated with functional limitations in daily living, including an increased risk of falls. Strength training is now widely recommended for older adults to increase muscle mass, strength, and ultimately, independence in activities of daily living. At Kieser, we offer specialised strength programs for adults over 40

Training at Kieser is designed not only to train all the major muscles and muscle groups, but also to strengthen flexor and extensor muscles. This helps to correct muscular imbalances and help clients improve posture and discomfort.

Group Classes for Falls & Balance

Group class for falls and balance for older adults

We offer weekly falls and balance classes, Stable & Able, run by Accredited Exercise Physiologists. Classes are appropriate for those who have had falls, poor balance with activities of daily living or are looking to increase stability for improved sporting performance. Programs will be customised to each individuals particular needs and are designed to improve balance to prevent falls.