GMHBA with Kieser

Helping GMHBA members be healthier at home. If you're a current GMHBA member book an initial assessment with a Physio below.

Right now, it’s more important than ever that we take care of our health. GMHBA has partnered with Kieser to bring physiotherapy and strength training direct to our members, to help you be healthier at home.

New or existing GMHBA members with extras cover can claim benefits for Kieser physiotherapy, either telehealth or in-centre consultations with no out-of-pocket costs, up to your annual limits. In addition, to help manage the pain of chronic longer-term musculoskeletal conditions, eligible members can access the GMHBA with Kieser clinical program. This program offers up to six Physiotherapy sessions with no out of pocket costs, beyond your annual limits.

Not a GMHBA member? No problem! 

Access to Kieser Physiotherapy with no out of pocket costs, up to your annual limits, is available to clients who join or switch to GMHBA until 31 March 2021. GMHBA are a not for profit health fund and every decision is made with their members in mind. They’re passionate about delivering excellent customer service through a personalised approach and provide meaningful community programs, targeted sponsorships and engaging events.

To join or switch to GMHBA and access the partnership benefits:

Step 1:
Contact Kieser to learn more about the partnership. You can also sign up online at GMHBA or call 1300 348 111

Step 2:
Kieser will discuss the offer and if you’re interested in progressing we will provide you with a direct line for Kieser clients to GMHBA to discuss policy options

Step 3:
If GMHBA has a policy thats right for you:

  • GMHBA can do the paperwork and arrange the transfer

  • GMHBA will recognise any waiting periods served with your current fund

  • 60 day money back guarantee from GMHBA

  • If you join or switch to GMHBA on any Silver Plus combined cover or higher you may be eligible for additional partnership benefits

About Kieser

At Kieser we believe that srengthening your body can help promote an active, pain-free and healthy life. The Kieser method is a fusion of Physiotherapy and strength training. It is an approach based on the key principles of exercise science and is grounded in decades of results from over 100 years worldwide. Designed in Switzerland and manufactured to the highest quality in Germany, our equipment is able to isolate and target specific muscle groups for maximum effectiveness. At Kieser we believe our clients should be able to train in a clean, bright, uncluttered space, free of any distractions so the focus can be solely upon training. This is why all of our centres have no music, no mirrors and no distractions. We believe this creates a non-intimidating environment that welcomes clients from all levels of ability.

The Kieser Konnect App

All active GMHBA members will have access to Kieser Konnect, which features video strength and conditioning programs compiled by Kieser’s physiotherapists, so anyone can follow elements of the program from home. Training at home with Kieser Konnect can help you maintain your strength, cardiovascular fitness and your immune system. 

Your program in the app can also be personalised with a program to suit your specific needs if you have a telehealth consultation with a Kieser physiotherapist.

How to access gap-free Physiotherapy

At Kieser, we’ve partnered with GMHBA to introduce Kieser & the Kieser Konnect exercise app to all GMHBA members. Active GMHBA members with extras cover can now access no-out-of-pocket physiotherapy up to annual limits. If you have a chronic condition, your Kieser Physiotherapist can assess your eligibility for a clinical program, which includes six gap-free physiotherapy sessions separate to your extras annual limits for physiotherapy. To get started at Kieser, book an initial assessment online with a Physiotherapist.

Terms and conditions: Initial and subsequent consultations with Kieser will be $99 per consultation – which comes off your extras annual limits for physiotherapy. If you have a chronic condition your physiotherapist can assess your eligibility for a clinical program, which includes six gap-free physiotherapy sessions separate to your extras annual limits for physiotherapy.  Benefits for Kieser physiotherapy services will be available until 31st March 2021.