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The Kieser Spinal Program

Fully rebatable for GMHBA members.* Enquire today if you may be eligible for the program


Lumbar Extension Machine with male client

Kieser and GMHBA are currently collaborating to conduct a pilot study of Kieser's Spinal Program.  The aims of the program are to:

  • Delay or prevent spinal surgery

  • Reduce pain levels

  • Improve function

  • Avoid or reduce inpatient rehabilitation (if surgery proceeds)

  • Provide the client with a long-term self-management program

Kieser and GMHBA are conducting research during this pilot, which runs from July - December 2019.  GMHBA is offering a full rebate (for eligible members) for the program during this period.


Physiotherapist Treatment

The Kieser Spinal Program has been developed to help clients improve their condition in a safe and supervised environment. The eighteen-week program includes:

  • Physiotherapy assessment and 12 one-on-one treatment and supervised exercise sessions
  • 12 sessions on the Kieser lumbar extension strengthening machine
  • Progression to Exercise Physiologist/Scientist supervised exercise sessions
  • Independent, Physiotherapy-guided strengthening program
  • Education program


"Separate randomised controlled trials have concluded no significant differences in the outcomes of surgical and non-surgical groups" (Fairbanks et al 2005, Brox et al 2003 & 2006)


"Up to 84% of clients may be able to avoid surgery with conservative rehabilitation" (Atlas et al 2001 & 2005)


Q: Where can the Kieser Spinal Program be accessed?

A: At any Kieser facility in Australia.


Q: What does the program cost?

A: For the first 100 eligible GMHBA members who commence the program during the pilot phase (1st July - 31st December, 2019), the program will be fully funded by GMHBA (RRP $2,500).


Q: How does a GMHBA member qualify for the program?

A: To qualify, a client must be a GMHBA Health Insurance member and have held hospital cover for 12 months or longer.


Q: What are the inclusion criteria to the program?  

A: The client must:

  • have a pathological diagnosis of the lumbar spine (using imaging)

  • have a pain level of 4/10

  • be a candidate for surgery in the next 3 years (medical practitioner's opinion)


Q: Does the client need to see a surgeon?

A: No, as long as they meet the inclusion criteria.


Q: Does the client need a referral for the program?

A: Yes, the client will need a referral from a general practitioner to access the program. Please see the referral section for further detail.