Strength training is beneficial for osteoporosis as it applies a controlled force to the bones. In response, the bone will lay down new bone to increase density (1). Our team Exercise Physiologists can review your bone density scans and build a customised strength training program to improve your bone health (1).

Strength training at Kieser is beneficial for clients with osteoporosis as it:

Is low impact & completed with slow movements

Is supervised by an Exercise Physiologist

Can slow the rate of bone loss or even increase bone density

Can address bone loss in specific areas – ie lower back or hip

Programs for Treatment and Prevention of Osteoporosis

The important aspects of your training program for the treatment of osteoporosis are as follows:

  • Variable load – to get bones to respond they must be loaded from all different directions
  • Double programs – to address the above point, we sometimes recommend double programs to ensure a high variety of bone loading
  • Focused on the hip and spine – these two areas are the most important as fractures in this area can have the greatest effect
  • Higher frequency of training – aim for three times per week although two will still deliver good results