Kieser Re-opening

Kieser clinics in Metro Melbourne will be re-opening for independent training on Saturday, October 30th (Kieser Collins Street will be opening Monday, Nov 1st).

Booking Portal
We can confirm that we will not be using the booking portal for clients in order to train independently.  As per the government announcement, we will be limited to a maximum of 1 person per 4 sqm. Please note, based on this rule, even during our busiest times pre-covid we have never exceeded these limits.

Clinic Activity
Please be aware that on the home page of our Kieser Konnect app, there is a link at the bottom titled ‘Clinic Activity’. By clicking this link you will see the more popular training times at your clinic which may enable you to select quieter periods if this is your preference.
Membership Payments
In line with our contracts, membership payments will recommence as per the opening.  
Vaccine Certificates
Firstly, we can confirm that our teams are all double vaccinated in line with the government mandate for healthcare workers. As per our previous correspondence, we will require that our members are too.  
Please expect that we will request to view your certificate before you are able to commence training. If you would like to fast track this process, you can upload your certificate by clicking the link below and we will mark it off in our system. Click here to upload your vaccination certification. 

Once again – thank you for your support and understanding in the last few months. Re-opening is an exciting time for us and we are looking forward to providing you the safest, most scientific return to training possible.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here.

We look forward to seeing you on the training floor!


Have more questions about our reopening?  Check out the recording of our recent "Return to Training" webinar for answers to all your reopening questions!